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Vidchat: What do Democrats need to do right now?

As the GOP melts down further, Joe Sudbay and I discuss how Dems can win

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So we have a new feature here on The Signorile Report. Video chats — yay! — with some of my and your favorite people, many of whom appear on my SiriusXM show. Eventually it will be a feature for paid subscribers. Another way we can have great conversations!

Think of this one as a try out — I need to get a good mic and work out some other kinks. But nonetheless a great discussion: In the face of a media locked in a doomsday narrative for Democrats, even as the GOP is cracking up, what do Democrats and all progressives need to do?

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Joe Sudbay is a long-time political strategist and activist and host of State of the States on SiriusXM Progress. And often guest hosts on my show. So glad to kick this off with him.

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