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I'm with Whoopi concerning polling, no one ever calls me to express an opinion. As for the people in the cult, the glue underpinning them is racism and the mythical return of a segregationist former USA. I chuckle everytime I see or hear the cultists say trumpanzee was great for the economy or he steered the ship of state in the right direction. Correct me if I'm wrong but the only tangible accomplishment was shoveling money to those who didn't need it. The 3 justices were illegitimate because not only did they lie to the American people but they lacked impartiality as well as morality. The gop house not doing anything for their constituents will contribute to the '24 bloodbath.

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Trump needs to be convicted and go to prison or else there's too much of a chance this hideous criminal could be our permanent leader.

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You have penned a good analysis of these very early polls in my opinion. And your caution against pinning much confidence on them is so true, based on past experiences. Here’s hoping that we are backing the strongest candidate available because we cannot afford a Trump or DeSantis presidency starting in January 2025.

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Needed this post today. Thank you

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I am always so confused at what his appeal is? I mean, are people really this racist and stupid!! he doesn't care about anybody but himself. He will even throw Ivanka under the bus. I also do not understand the moderate democrats who don't feel we deserve to have nice things, it is always ... "well who is going to pay for it"?

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this is mean, and I know it doesn't resolve all of our problems, but Trump just needs to drop dead and I do mean that literally. We cannot take anything for granted that justice is going to prevail or that he won't become President again. Of course I am speaking that this happen naturally because he is not exactly in the best of health. And I know it doesn't stop the madness, but his people are only interested in him, they are not interested in Ron DeSantis or Tim Scott or anyone else.

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I find it interesting that David Muir and Lester Holt reported even polls. This is the news which sells. Upon seeing this, I thought, no way! Remember, these polls do not include young people who overwhelmingly support Democrats.

I can’t understand why the GOP didn’t dump trump, years ago. The surging support for him is as disgusting as he is. I live close to Mississippi and get their political ads It’s a lot of noise pollution but also unbelievable about what they say to get people to vote for them.

“I’ll keep your private information from landing in Joe Biden’s garage.”

“I’ll stop the woke liberals from Memphis crossing into Mississippi.”

“I saved your vote by stopping illegal voting.”


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I see him as Pooties roomy!

They can't set a bail high enough, because his billionaire backers, the Hendrick's, Mellon's, Mercer's, Duffield's, Peterffy, Schwarzman and his lowly MAGATS will just see to it he stays out on the street.

They won't confiscate his passport; he has his own private [757] with capabilities to fly w/o refueling to the KKKremlin. They refuse to remand him to federal custody to prevent his fleeing!

Why, they're treating this Traitorous corrupt convict as if he were a President or something? lol.

The ghosts of Al Capone and John Gotti must be pissed!! The first died fishing in his pool in Florida and the other in jail.

"If wishes were fishes, we'd all swim in riches!" That's what's known as an ASSonance and fits TFG to a T as in rump!

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Stop being nice and polite, like the MAGA crowd. We must speak directly to the daughters of these Republican voters, telling them their parents dont care if you've been SA'd or are sick from a medically unwanted pregnancy. They just want to be right, at your expense

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