Every time I hear media establishment, religious figures or politicians w real power to enforce accountability and uphold the constitution suddenly have an epiphany about Trumps NOW gone to far I throw up a little bit in my mouth. This “man”went too far before he was ever installed let alone after 3.5 years of constitutional torture?later. They are only hedging their own bets w there own sicko supporters. Tells how horrible they really are if it took until now to suddenly think he went to far and they will have to pay a price.

Sad reality is WE ARE ALL PAYING A HUGE price for our national disgrace we allowed to remain in office this long.

Shame on all of us

End Bunker Bone Spurs sham of a presidency Now!


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Sending you a virtual mic to drop CJ. Spot on, as always.

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The people who are suddenly acting as though they are shocked by the President’s authoritarian divisive, incendiary rhetoric are the part of the same group of people who chose to stick their heads in the sand for decades. Racism? Bigotry? Misogyny? Discrimination of LGBTQ? Not their fight, doesn’t affect them. An inappropriate photo op in front of a church? Suddenly they are shocked and appalled. Really?

They are part of the same population of people who have followed me in Bloomingdale’s thinking I couldn’t afford to shop there and would shoplift. They don’t believe I have a degree in Computer Science so I now have a temp Call Center job. They don’t believe I lived and worked as an independent consultant in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and can speak Japanese. They don’t believe I’ve traveled throughout Asia and Europe. I could go on and on.

They have all been complicit in their silence and should all be held accountable for the death and destruction occurring in our country.

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Michaelangelo your coverage of the uprisings has been exceptional. Your criticism of the media's obsession with "the few bad apples" and your condemnation of the pearl clutching hypocrites out here acting brand new, like they've never seen or heard the orange beast before now, has been truly validating and reassuring. I often need reminders that the resistors far outnumber the MAGAts.

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its just disgusting. The Orange Monsters phone calls to his pal Putin have been to seek advise on how to become a big DICKtator. Advice: do whatever the fuck you want. golf at tax payer expense. who is going to stop you? golf at tax payer expense. clearly advice taken. distract. golf at tax payer expense. assemble puppets. golf at tax payer expense. line puppets pockets with the tax payers dollars. golf at tax payer expense. order puppets to harm American citizens who rebuff maga white supremist spew. golf at tax payer expense. order puppets to forcefully push back the legal peaceful protesting citizens to clear a path for a parade of white men puppets (oh and that sarah Huckabee sanders wannabe puppet) to follow behind thrice divorced DICKtator wannabe to stage a photo op in front of a church while raising a bible (upside down because he doesn't remember how to open the good book?). golf at tax payer expense. George Floyd was a man. A human, who was murdered by racist police who thought they too could do whatever the fuck they want. cell phone video preserved the truth. the distraction tactic maybe wearing thin. the us may finally be forced to change. the parameters of federal state and local law enforcement that have not changed for the greater good must change. I hope the momentum continues to build against those who are not for equality for ALL and crushes those racist hatemongers like fox news and congressional persons Moscow mitch & linds graham the likes of whom must be voted out. the orange monster must be voted out NO more golf at tax payer expense. I personally am so angry about the shit going on in the us and my heart aches for Mr Floyds family, Ms Taylors family Mr Arberys family Mr Garners family and the many others who have lost at the hands of rogue humans. thank you for allowing me to post a comment

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