The local Repugnant elected official who suggested that “gays” be put “on an island”....may I suggest Manhattan ..... and Michelangelo ,you wouldn’t need to move....it would be party...party..

party....on the serious side....yes....I was joking! As Michelangelo has repeated ad nauseam “the fight is not over”.

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Buon Pomeriggio Commendatore!

Let's face it once and for all, religion is the crux of all hatred, discrimination, bigotry and racism.

The "buybull" is the oldest tome of intolerance ever created and its purpose inherently obvious; for it was written by man in order to control the masses of asses willing to give up their own free will to be controlled by the cunning few, smart enough to "get in on the con from the very beginning." Extrapolate this simple posit to the controlling interests of the business world.

It plays like Hamilton on the global stage just as effectively.

Think about King Cyrus the human virus baptized into the "evilgenital" agenda, including but not limited to the laying of hands on their "Magic eight ball" in Saudi Arabia no less-compliments of MBS, the bone saw murderer! Hey, Osama Bin Laden was no saint either-friends of the burning Bushes, so yeah….we’re all Allies???

What we see in Gaza now is just another extension of religious tension that barely needs mention, because it is so tiring! There will never be peace on earth because there's more money in war and pretending whose/which god has the biggest penis! Of course, who needs a penis when you have "the Immaculate CONception"! This was the biggest 'Rabbit test' of prestidigitation ever disseminated on a global scale. "Mother Mary comes to me", but please don't "Let It Be," I prefer to be free to choose where I lose my virginity.

So back to your point Signore Signorile on the effects of this toxic christian sharia charade and how you and I fit into it's plan. WE DON'T! It's that simple. It's all about control. It has never been about anything but control, once you yank back the Great OZ's curtain, only to find a little man with tiny hands and a big orange megaphone paying homage to a sick degenerate bunch of "Religulous" poseurs whose only god is a calf, cast in fool's gold.

LBGTQ is an alphabet to the Cons, so they can pick and choose what letters they wish to keep or lose. Ironically, they are also the biggest hypocrites when it comes to falling from grace when they're found in an airport latrine with “wood” in their face; IE. Larry Craig, et al.

Look at the bright side. You, my friend, have been passed the virtual relay wand of the warrior, poised on your white steed with microphone in hand, leading the charge of freedom for all to benefit from and don’t you or the rest of your progressive patriots ever fuggedaboutit!

Ciao 4 Now,

Make gnocchi, not WAR!

Boom Boom

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The fight indeed is not over! It makes me so sad that there are so many vile humans who seek to end equality. We can’t stop protesting , writing government officials or letting our guards down for a second. It just makes my heart ache for my son and all LGBTQ people. All this hate often brings me to tears and then I pick myself up and take action like you’ve always encouraged us to do. Grateful you always bring these issues to the forefront of discussion.

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