I can see every red state classroom conversation now....

Teacher: Now, class, we'll all be observing Juneteenth tomorrow--

Kid, interrupting: Why, miss? Why are observing Juneteenth? What's Juneteenth?

Teacher: I can't tell you that. You enjoy your day off though! Maybe buy a mattress...?

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It's peak GOP to vote in a federal holiday commemorating the abolition of slavery while doing everything in their power to suppress teaching future generations the history of the United States and its entwinement with slavery. Other countries faced their past, but our fragile, immature, truth denying Republicans can't face it. I like the irony that making Juneteenth a federal holiday ensures it will be taught in school, although I shudder to think what curriculum the bigots and racists on school boards will come up with. Maybe a special showing of Gone With the Wind. *eyeball roll*

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Every now and then, on Friday, I get stoned and head over to Newsmax and read the comments. Today, I just read this

"Has anyone noticed but me that all these holidays [like Juneteenth] do nothing but give workers another day off?"

Meanwhile, as an ex-pat living in Norway, who just turned 62 (who will never stop working because I love teaching engineering), I get ANOTHER week vacation (once you turn 62, you get another week): 8 paid weeks.

And this jerk on Newsmax is actually ANGRY because of a vacation day.

So... is this the marijuana, or the nature of Republicans. Cuz' I am soooo confused.

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Thank you for bringing Monica Roberts forward in this discussion. I was so honored to meet her at the last non-virtual Netroots Nation meeting, in Philly. We spent a day at a table Mike Rogers set us up at, finally clearing almost everyone else from around us, as we loudly laughed, argued, and declaimed at one another. What a treasure those memories are!

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Juneteenth has made me reflect on some other horrible events in our nation's past, as well as some events that were never mentioned in local history in school growing up in Michigan. For one thing with regards to the 67' Detroit riot they only mention the death & arrest toll. Not bothering to go over the underlying causes such as rampant police brutality and red lining. Suburbs such as Dearborn even put up signs near the city limits which said "We Want White Tenants In Our Community". BTW, I called yesterday and was going to talk about this insurrection that Giuliani stirred up in 92'. But I must have called in a little late and by the time the screener got to my turn when the subject of Juneteenth came up I kind of froze and couldn't think of anything to say. So I figure I'd post my thoughts here.

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