And while I am at it, a tangential issue: Mike Pence.

Hey, I despise his politics and his views on social issues. His refusal to meet with women in private is, well, immature.

However, the fact is that he does really believe what he says, and he is relatively consistent and he is intelligent. Whenever I see him side by side with Trump, he looks so downcast. Sometimes, I feel sorry for him. He will forever be known as the sidekick of the idiot and his career is over.

Then again: he made his bed with the devil, so fuck him.

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This is the ridiculousness of this argument. You can argue religion protects you from anything. What about pedophilia as a religion. Or polygamy?

If your faith is dependent on a PLACE then your faith is weak.

Only action, is expand the court, and impeach Kavanaugh for perjury

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It's an awful and short sighted ruling to be sure. By this logic, no entity can curtail church related activities. So if I want to pack Madison Square Garden with 100,000 people for a sermon and it only holds 40,000, the Fire Marshall cannot enforce their secular safety restrictions on this holy event. What if I want to hold a giant wedding in a hall that is only allowed 50 people for covid? I have a minister there so my religious right to marry is being infringed. I guess no super spreader event can be stopped if you invite clergy to be a part of it.

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If Barrett wrote that decision, she should have had the courage to sign it. We are now entering dangerous times where a christian taliban is blurring separation of church and state. The remedy is to expand SCOTUS and the circuit courts. But to do this, Georgia has to elect Ossoff and Warnock. As much as I want to bang my head into the wall in frustration and anger, I'm doing what I can to support Georgia.

Dolan and DiMarzio brought this lawsuit because income is slipping and Christmas is bonanza time for churches with extra masses. Catholics are exempt from mass attendance because of Covid and have a wealth of online and tv masses to attend. It's all about the money and these people will clobber us with their "religious freedom" horseshit until they are clobbered back.

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Am I the only one whose sick and tired of these Christian Sharia law worshipping Idiots that are pushing our country further and further towards a theocracy!!? They always preach freedom of religion but it’s always Christian religion! Mao Ze Dong got one thing right ...religion is poison!

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The court seems to be suggesting that the rights of religions are paramount (above that of the well being of society).

OK, I am cool with that.

I am now my own religion. So I will no longer pay taxes to pay the salaries of the Justices.

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Oh Michelangelo, tsk tsk. Have ye no faith? They don't need to worry about any teeny tiny little coronavirus. The holy spirit protects them!

For the rest of us "sinners", we need a vaccine (preferably one with 90% efficacy). But all they need is the holy spitit.

And at the tone the time will be: CUCKOO! CUCKOO!

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Michael this a frightening yet expected deviation as the Federalist Society continues to control and skew our system of government. The founding fathers were Deists, but they were clear on the separation of church and state. As Kagan and Sotomayor stated this is dangerous territory and we are in for problems if this goes unchecked, obviously, Obergefell is at the tip of these issues. What I find most ironic is that the religious right has sold out their values by supporting a philandering, hypocritical President as their new 'savior'. Unfortunately none of this ends well.

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