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The interview with Dawn was wonderful. I learned a lot that I did not know , there are so many people on Twitter railing against trans girls in school sports that need to learn too. After hearing Dawn I have knowledge I too was sorely lacking. I am embarrassed to admit I was misguided thinking the trans girls would have a strength advantage ( but I always supported the girls' opportunity to play sports I never was against the girls!! ,but I was ignorant in all the facts ! ) Thank you!

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This horrible persecution of trans kids is disturbing on so many levels. I listened to NPR on the same topic a couple nights ago and couldn’t sleep thinking of the damage being done to these kids that are already struggling. Heartbreaking.

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I heard this interview live, Mike and it was great. She made points I had never thought of, and really educated us. Hope you have her on again, she was really great. The idea that this basically means all trans kids should be banned from ever playing sports or they should have a league like the separate leagues of the past was like *ding* light bulb. Great interview

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Buona serata, Commendatore!

First off, I'd like to open with a fave tune of mine from the 80's by a clairvoyant group of geniuses [IMHO] named Depeche Mode....more like "Depressed Mode" after Maestro tRump and his “Merry Band of Infiddles'' conducted his 'CONcerto' from the bully pulpit in the ‘oval orifice’ for far too long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzGnX-MbYE4

My only request throughout his cacophonous chatter was that he use the only key he sounds best in......the key of b silent. The song itself screams of the subject matter shared by you and your guest, Dawn Ennis and lays to rest any thoughts that this is something new or improved upon!

I will always go back to the driving force behind it all, which simply is fear and terror of the unknown conflated with the Right's perverted assessment of what religion truly isn't.

They believe in a supply side Jesus who wears an Armani suit and Bally of Switzerland shoes......you know that same Jesus who threw Jamie Dimon [CM] and his money lenders out of the temple [Lloyd Blankfein/Goldman Sachs??] /s, instead of the poor carpenter's son who meandered about in toga and sandals sporting his bushy bushy blonde hairdo, turning water into wine and splittin' fish fer his kin!

When I first moved to California in 1974, I stayed at my cousin's in the City of Orange in O.C. Cali. I am an Atheist, so my tolerance for religion was so low I could have limboed under an SUV!

I decided to go on a treasure hunt, kinda like Indiana Jones in search of the Lost Arc of the Covenant.

My curiosity was intense and when I heard of this Drive-in crystal cathedral not far from my location in Garden Grove, I had to see it for myself. Rev Robert Schuller was the presiding warlock and it was everything I expected from a televangelist tRumpist to be.

It piqued my interest to then go forth and see how well connected these charlatans were because TBN [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinity_Broadcasting_Network ] had just been created and headquartered in Costa Mesa the year before, where I leased an apartment and kept my eye on the well oiled machine it was to become. I knew they were serious when they began launching satellites into space forming their own global CONsortium of Networks to spread their message far wider and worse than any COVID pandemic and knew it wouldn’t be long before our little secular world would be turned upside down…..and here we are!

“Jan and Paul Crouched”, “Jim and Tammy Baye Faker”, “Ernest-goes to jail-Angley”, “Oral and Anal Roberts” etc., etc ad nauseum. They all had glorious resort styled compounds before long stretching the vast expanse of the PCH of San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente and all of the other Boardwalk properties that didn’t even exist on a Monopoly board before Parker brothers created the game.

My point to all of this is they pick and choose whatever suits their nefarious agendas from that little piece of twistory called the ‘buybull’ and force its “prosperity godspell” down the throats of the most gullible of the Lost among us…the tRump supporters and the GOPIGS!

So why should we be at all surprised if they attack Trans children after they separated, caged and tortured the refugee children from the masses of horrified parents fleeing for their very lives to seek refuge in the bosom of Lady Liberty?

Keep on slayin' and I'll keep on sayin'......Nobody does it better than MS!


Boom Boom

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Thanks for this great interview! I hope Dawn comes on the show again in the future. In a related note, why the hell hasn't the news media asked these transphobic GOPers which studies they base their horrible anti-trans policies and legislations on, and do some investigative reporting on whether said studies are legitimate? Also, is ALEC or some ALEC-equivalent producing this cookie cutter anti-trans legislations? Because it seems odd that a bunch of state legislatures and that dumb con-man Tuberville are pushing all this at the same time.

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