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The GOP won’t DEFEND the police-Kevin McCarthy won’t meet with Officer Fanone and they’re now going after the military to damage it and cause divisions. Trying to damage institutions-we’re starting to look like Weimar Germany. Unsure if it’s 10 minutes TO midnight or 10 minutes AFTER midnight, but it’s close. We have to work for 2022 and every election from now on like our lives and our democracy depend on it-BECAUSE THEY DO!

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So very true Tom!

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Is Schumer holding out hope of GOP votes and therefor unwilling to be "mean" to Sue Collins?

Is Pelosi afraid of hurting the feelings of the GOP House members she might need?

Is Biden too dedicated to bipartisanship that he can't call the GOP what it is?

Where's the DNC's comms shop? Is Jaime Harrison too naive to DC to tell the truth out loud?


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The Dems have lousy strategists. They should address every single GOP accusation with the truth. We're anti-family? Whose family? We're a different religion or belief system? So what? We have religious freedom. We're Socialist? How? Most of us work for other people, pay our taxes and put on our socks as you do. They also need to call out the GOP for their refusal to pass legislation that would help all Americans....not just the 1% Why are the Dems so quiet??

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Absolutely, this is what we have been fully aware of and talking about for quite a long while now. It is a little encouraging that the major media is starting to realize this and write about it. But it is endlessly frustrating that our democracy is being eradicated in slow motion as we seemingly watch helplessly. If these draconian GOP voter suppression laws just introduced in Georgia and other states are allowed to stand it will be at an end and for the rest of our lives we will live in a very different country than we grew up in. Why on earth do we still have the insane 60-vote supermajority requirement - WHY?! If we are not bold enough to take up the reins of power when we have them and make the necessary changes to save democracy, then we deserve to lose our country to GOP tyranny.

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I said since Jan. 6 that Pres. Biden should declare the GOP a domestic terrorist group, declare martial law and depose the Trump cronies who tried to overthrow the legally elected POTUS and are now trying to dismantle our democracy. What is he waiting for, the second Jan. 6 insurrection?

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Both parties are undemocratic to some extent. Republicans have taken it way farther because it is the only way they can keep their party going. But the Democrats also do it by working to keep third parties down, and behind the scenes, keep down efforts to fight for people while protecting their donors issues. Creating platitudes without pushing policy. If you do not know that, pay more attention!

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One tactic would be to show the GOPers love for the treasonous Confederacy past.

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