I heard that call with Catherine and I thought she was suspect as well after she called herself a “tomboy”. I was glad that you called her out. I am a primary care provider, and I can tell you that there is a lot of misinformation and lack of education regarding transgender individuals who experience incredible suffering when the proper care is not received or provided. We have lots of work to do even among the healthcare provider community let alone the general public in providing education about this vulnerable population. Education will go a long way to help to curtail the damage that is being done everyday.

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I had always been on the fence on this issue: I sort of understood (and tolerated) both sides.

Then, my FOURTEEN year old son, told me this:

"Why worry so much about bathrooms and sports? One day, we will figure this out. The Native Americans respected both: Berdache. But our Christian (or, what calls itself Christian) country destroyed their culture. Now, we are lost again. But one day, we will figure out this out and understand the right language to discuss it--for right now, we don't have the words and the right is exploiting this."

Shit! My son is smarter than me.

Then, I asked him to read "The 1619 Project" and, together, we agreed that the success of the US owes more to 200 years of free labor, than to capitalism. That is why the right fears it so much.

I think these two issues are intimately tied together (says my son, who I LOVE SO MUCH for being so much smarter than me).

Right now, we are in a period of questioning EVERYTHING. In this period when we all doubt ourselves, the arrogance of the right is destructive. It seems we have two choices.

Option 1: don't say gay and deny CRT.

Option 2: have faith in the intelligence of our kids

I go with #2

And I think you were spot on, because she lied to you.

As a P.S.: we live in Norway now. The Norwegian schools teach sex in second grade and he learned about gays and trans people there. It is not a big deal to the boys and girls, here. Today, he spends his free time planning games with his buddies, as the D&D Dungeon master. He thinks the US is obsessed over silly shit like bathrooms and gold medals in sports, and everyone trying to be super rich.

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Why can’t people just leave other people alone to make their own choices. There is so many assumptions and retaliation against those that make difficult decisions in the privacy of their lives. How do these choices affect others in their own private lives? They don’t.

Does the marriage between two same sex couples affect me in my daily life? NO

Does a family dealing with a member who feels they were born in the wrong sex affect me personally? NO

Does a women making the difficult choice of terminating a pregnancy affect me? NO

Does a person who chooses Religion to help them trough difficult times affect me? NO

I just want to be part of the solution by leaving people alone to live their private lives as they see fit. As long as it is not illegal and or harmful to the majority, I mind my own business. Peace and love.

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It’s very logical, more kids are coming out transgender earlier now than 50 years ago when it was virtually unknown and there was no internet, therefore they are being pressured into doing so. I mean, it’s logical if you’re a complete cretin like this “could have been transgender, not-a-lesbian” tomboy woman. The hatred in these people is off the charts. I don’t know if it’s all their repressed anger from religious upbringing, or that they had to suffer to conform therefore everybody else ought to. But they’re seriously damaged in the head.

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