What amazes me is how Democratic voters seem to think some force beyond their control determines whether the Democrats win or not. Since no one knows what this mysterious force is they vote, or not because the mystery force always determines the outcome anyway. Not voting, and not voting blue means more butchered kids and it's time to put away petty grievances about the Democrats and focus on the gun issue AS LONG AS IT TAKES. Funny how encouraging polls don't add up to victories. Obviously, we have a majority who seem to have trouble turning their choices into votes.

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If the shootings don't bring Democrats to the polls, I don't know what will. Our country is a war zone. The right to carry guns and use them supersedes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone else.

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(Perfect timing... Normally, I take the time to read your posts, but this time, I want to get a thought across on a current event. This comment is a digression from the topic, but I really have to post this somewhere)

In a very rare occurrence, PACIFIC hurricane Agatha has crossed from the Pacific into the Gulf of Mexico. Should it regain strength (80% chance of cyclone re-formation), as is swirls in the Gulf, it will become the 2022 season's first ATLANTIC hurricane.

Atlantic hurricanes have their own name list, and the first name on the list is Alex (the list alternates: male, female, male, female, so this is the male Alex)

Thus, Agatha becomes Alex, and Florida (where you can't say "gay") may soon get bashed by the first trans-hurricane.

Too poetic to ignore, huh? God's wrath?

(What was Agatha, is the red X: why is no news source picking up on this?)


Now, I go back and read this post.

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