I know we all need to stay laser focused on the midterms, but reviewing this litany of McTurtle blunders filled me with glee.

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Mitch McConnell has been a master strategist and player in destroying Democracy. When he would not meet with Merrick Garland during Obama's presidency, he was not doing his job and should have been impeached. Crickets from the Democrats. He pulled the same stunt when RBG died. Until the Democrats wake up and fight fire with fire, democracy will die a slow, ugly death.

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Agreed, Moscow Mitch did overplay his hand on numerous occasions. He's not a master tactician, only power hungry, and vengeful, probably racist against Pres. Obama. Remember that quote of his about making Obama a one-term president? How did that work out for you, Mitch?

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Brilliant piece, Michelangelo, really appreciate you laying out McTurtle's idiocy blunder by blunder. The idea that these fuckers will be hoisted by their own petard is just too delicious!

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Michelangelo…you are spot on….amazing how a “master strategist” living in his own insulated and ignorant world got it all wrong(LOL).The “Repugnant’s” strategy” was motivated by sheer vengeance & spite towards the Biden administration. Let’s hope the electorate comes out and votes, certainly some signs of the re-wakening of sleeping Democrats, apparently women are registering up in droves, let’s hope the Latinas are also registering and influencing their families to vote Democrat.

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The problem McConnell has, is the same problem authoritarianism has, McConnell hasn’t had to be brilliant to attract brilliant followers he’s just had to flatter one-issue-voters and that’s something a dimwit can do, See Donald Trump.

Authoritarianism Rewards loyalty not excellence that’s what the Republican Party has turned in to.

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Despite my revulsion of Trump, I did once see the point of the Republicans.

I, too, once believed (like Reagan said) "what this country needs is a healthy dose of unrestricted capitalism." Then, I read the "1619 Project."

Despite some excess in the book, I came to see another perspective: The US owes its success, less to capitalism and more to 200 years of free labor (and 200 more of repressed labor -- repressed unions or Jim Crow).

I must say, "The 1619 Project" altered my world. Today, I no longer see the Republican party as bad or tolerable, I see it as evil.

On another front, the Berdache were a class of 2-spirit Native Americans (before Christianity wiped them out). Despite some Native Americans being violent, other tribes valued the trans people.

I fully understand why Republicans do not want to hear about trans people or critical race theory -- it threatens their view of the world (and the greed of the top 1 percent who direct their money).

I think t Mitch McConnell does not see this, as he immersed in propaganda (which is why they wish "don't say gay" and to repress CRT) -- it challenges them in very uncomfortable ways.

As an aside, upon reading 1619, Washington et. al., were less "perfect" marble statues and more "3D real men" -- men who tried to do good, but capitulated to their baser instincts. The author of that book, made those men REAL to me.

I see the election coming up as good vs. evil (only Republicans think they are the good ones).

(My son, 18 years old, says to me: "Let the transwomen on the teams. It is not all about being first. And we don't have the language yet to understand them, but we will in time. Perhaps rank sports by T levels, not sex. This problem we face with trans people is due to how Christianity wiped out the tolerance of Native Americans.")

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Can we stop with the maybe he is a racist or master tactician. Racist is a definite and tactician went out the door with the 2012 re-election of Obama. What we know is that Mitch sold us out to Putin for an aluminum plant that was reneged on once we dumped Trumpanzee. The current woes were self inflicted because he couldn't see past his own ambition. That democracy is imperiled doesn't register with the power mad. Moscow Mitch must live with the fact that he let a madman loose on this country that tore it asunder over zero sum politics only to have it blow up his carefully mapped return to Majority leader. Just desserts perhaps but a prison sentence is really where this should end.

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