Jim Jordan is the apogee of rot in the republican party. Poster boy of "I can skirt responsibility by denying reality". Truth is, the party ceased any moral high ground since Reagan launched his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, MS. This theater of the absurd is not an anomaly, it is the death throes of a political party that once stood for something. That Jim Jordan is the best they can do speaks volumes about a party who has misplaced the script on the responsibility of governing. As to how Ohioans blew past credible allegations and elected him to congress, just take a gander at the gerrymandered state map. OSU ignored the Wrestlers because they weren't a cash cow the football the football is/was. I feel for the wrestlers hung out to dry because the mere specter of a male preying upon male students is normally an isolated incident, but anything more than a dozen and denied is a conspiracy or cover-up. The mere fact that trumpanzee softened up congress enough to ignore lawful subpoenas is proof of guilt to me. That the party formerly known as the "moral" party has abdicated just plain sanity is enough to make sure the bloodbath of 2024 becomes a reality. Is it wrong to miss the kangaroo hearings of 2023?

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YES! We can't let a leader of the "ongoing coup" become speaker. Near time for an emergency decree? OSU must be a pretty f'd up place. And just a little aside - so is Ohio. I am so pissed off at Ohioan's becoming Magats after Obama, and Biden, bailed their asses out in 2009 with a huge influx of tarp money as they were an important swing state; proof that Magatism causes dementia.

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Do any of these Maga buffoons care about anything other than destroying the country? Creating one mess after another than blaming Democrats. It’s amazing that Dems have yet to figure this out. It’s long overdue that Democrats take a page out of the Trumplican hand book. Time to capitalize on the one thing they are successful at and flip the script

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Spot on Michelangelo! "Jacque Strap" Jordan must pay for his ignorance and lack of concern for the hundreds of abused athletes, sexually assaulted by Dr. Richard Strauss!

So many men, so little time; I say 10 years in the hole for each individual crime! Jungle Gym needs to follow him........

Even the monied interests want JUSTICE! No House for this Louse!


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On a tangential topic... One I wish someone would write about...

Every day I read Truth Social to see what the baboon is doing (I also suffer from Hemorrhoids, but let's not go there).

I am often shocked that there are so many "likes," "comments," and "re-truth."

However about a month ago, I entered the site, 3 seconds after the baboon posted. I refreshed the screen about a minute later, suddenly there were hundreds of likes and comments. Just about an hour ago, it happened again (a one minute old post had hundreds of comments). It seems the baboon is automating his likes and re-posts and comments.

The emperor has no clothes.

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I don’t trust “moderate” Republicans for a second. I’m confident they’re just waiting for their staffers to finish combing through data so they can say “Aha! One of these wrestlers donated to the Obama campaign in 2012! Obviously they’re all lying! Sign me up for Jordan!”

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"cesspool of deviancy" indeed.

Gingrich, Livingstone, Hastert, DeLay, Boehner, Ryan, McCarthy: whether corrupted by the flesh or by the purse, these men are all bad. None should lead, anywhere in our nation. A large majority of them should be incarcerated.

They all found their home in the House GOP, ascended quickly and led. It's grotesque.

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At least Jim Jordan is against more Ukraine War funding and seems to think that First Amendment free speech rights should be protected. In this day and age, that makes him preferable to the "moderate" Republicans and ALL Democrats.

Not all that many years ago, I could not imagine myself saying this, but the party on the left is now most definitely the party on the warmongering and censoring right. This is where voting Blue no matter Who has taken us.

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