Bravo Michaelangelo! You forgot to tell the poor unfortunate soul that Trump wanted the metal detectors taken away for his January 6 rally and said that the armed rally goers were “not here to hurt me.” a lot of those people also had zip ties and walkie-talkies were wearing military grade vests and they all had to gather around the Washington Memorial because they couldn’t get in to the rally. those are the people that went to the Capitol first. guy on the recording is somewhat more emotionally available for your argument (not that much) but some of these people out there really live in a world where they think the worst. It is so freaking terrifying.

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And that one speaker at the ellipse-I believe Mo Brooks- was wearing body armor.

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OK, let the maggots hear what they really want to hear....it wasn't an insurrection; it was a treasonous attempt to overthrow our government by violent means!

An action punishable by death!

For Crikey's sake, seven Capitol police died from the effects of that so-called "innocent tour" on January 6th. Five by mob attack, two by suicide plus close to 150 additional officers injured in the line of their constitutional duty to protect the Capitol while under attack. just a walk in the park. /s


On what other day, does the price of admission to a government sponsored tour, cost innocent police officers their lives?


When it's a planned coup d'etat, that has been investigated so thoroughly, yet like invisible ink, the fingerprint of its very existence has been erased through countless volumes of biased conjecture, deflection, lies and main stream media complicity!

We've suffered through eight long years of bullshit from this orange hued, cretinous blob of protoplasmic putridity! Enough already. Lock this fat prick up, once and forever so we can all Make America Sleep Well Again! Tuck frump!

P.S. Hey Donnie, pardon me for telling the truth!

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Other than a national deprogramming program being instituted, we need to introduce (again) paid involuntary commitment. These people should not be around others who can rub two nickels together. Your show should be on a major network to expose the sheer inaity of antidemocratic propaganda. Everyone watching the violent mob should know that normal constituents are aware that you don't need to break into a public building while injuring the the police and/or security. The judgement of the courts has defined them as insurrectionists and educated people are not swayed to the contrary.

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I can't listen. It's like nails on a blackboard for me. But I wonder why people like this guy take the time to call in to your show, let alone listen to it. I can't bring myself to listen to Fox News or the like. Do they want to be talked out of their beliefs? I seriously wonder.

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After observing the mayhem, weapons, destruction of federal property, discovering fences wiped on the hall of the people’s house, my bs meter just about topped out after listening to Mr. MAGA explaining reality to me. Merely a cult member and a troll.

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Paul of St. Louis: in my book, another far right wing troll pretending to be a moderate.

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Hummm, just a thought, now wondering if Paul knows how to read...

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Michael as always I applaud YOU, I love the way that YOU respond to the dull folks. Paul from St. Louis who claims there was no insurrection should just go look up the WORD before he calls.

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Paul, from the Great Failed Ass Socialist Welfare State of Missouri!

Changing the argument a bit, in 2021, Missouri paid $74.5 billion in Federal Taxes. They received $114.7 billion in Federal Spending. $40.2 billion in Free Money, courtesy of the successful Blue Donor states. My state.

In 2019, Missouri paid $64.1 B in Federal Taxes, but received $100 B in Federal Spending. $35.9 B in Free Money. My money.

In 2015, Missouri paid $64.1 B, but received $91.7 B. Only $27.5 B in Free Money. My money.

Choose a year, any year, it's the same shit. Back to 1981, when my data starts, Missouri has no history of ever getting less Federal Spending than they paid in Federal Taxes. Chronic Welfare, like all but one Red State, Utah.

We should be asking people like Paul why his state needs so much of other people's money? Year after year after year. Paul's goal, I'm guessing, would be to turn every state into some form of Missouri. Or any Red State. In his mind, unaware of how desperate their situation actually is because no one talks about it, Red States are successes. WRONG!

My next question to Pauls would be 'Who pays for things?' When your pathetic state can't even pay for itself now, who's left to pay for Missouri when all the other states are as fucked up as Missouri?

Of course, Paul wouldn't have a clue what we were talking about because it's never talked about. It's not a conversation the people who 'run' the Failed Red States want to have. It's been going on so long, since Reconstruction, they're perfectly happy to let things happen quietly in the back ground.

So let's start talking about it! Make them as uncomfortable as we can with the 'Culture of Dependency' the Red States have gotten so used to. Should liven things up a bit. It's funny but the Red States seem to be pretty much everything they are against! It would be hilarious if wasn't so serious right now.

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He seemed rather rational, at least was not foaming at the mouth, shouting. But he most certainly had his ears plugged, “la la la la, I am not listening, La la la la...”. “but I will try hard to get my disinformation spewed on your lefty show!!” “Maybe change a couple lefty minds”. That was what his call was about. Call him “Plugged eared Paul”.

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