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Once again you nailed it Michaelangelo. Bravo and many thanks. Goody goody gum drops. No doubt the Feaux patriots, bigots& Trumpanzees are reveling in the passage of these Uber homophobic bills that have sailed through red state nationalist legislatures faster than the good ship lollipop. I am convinced the only thing that provides any sense of joy in their lives is reigning down misery on anyone and everyone they don’t like. It is a delight to see these odious representatives tying themselves into pretzels as they pass hateful laws. Hypocrisy is there name lies & bigotry their game. Which as they have learned their hate and bigotry is profitable. They use these moments for donor appeals. Nauseating. ❤️the piece. Btw Huff Post yesterday ( you probably saw) had for several hours as their major headline the wave of bigoted assaults on the lgbtq a communities and the extensive ness and ratcheting up of this inanity. Thanks again

Neil - Massachusetts

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This is all republicons could do; focus on distractions which center on fear and prejudice and rile up their base for more money. Democrats need to call out this behavior every day. I saw an MTG text and this “Christian” woman used the f word and some other choice language against a person who fact checked her for a lie she spread. Republicons are the party of blatant hypocrisy.

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“That’s rich”, in memory of Hollywood Squares Paul Lynde. Bottomless depths of hypocrisy. What a waste of time on a non-issue they have ignited their hair on fire in trying to rile up their base, the latest newest faux outrage. Way, way, WAY more important and critical things to be working on, climate, voting rights, etc., and this is all they can offer. WEAK as water !!

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My parents took me to a drag show in Vegas when I was a teenager because it was ENTERTAINMENT! Democrats need to go on offense and remind voters what their elected representatives are there to do - write legislation for the health and safety of their constituents. I’m so over the culture war crap!

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Until these asshats are confronted by strong, pissed off drag queens/kings and allies they will continue to just run over our people. Anyone remember ACT UP? How the hell does anyone think huge shifts in public, corporate, political opinions/actions were accomplished? We met them all head on...and loudly and repeatedly. Where are the Larry Kramers and others these days? One of several disappointments I have with ‘young’uns’ is their absence and disregard of our people’s history. Ones I talk to just truly, really don’t care. Mostly ridiculous thinking Tweeting, IGing, Facefuck postings will accomplish much if anything. That’s not educating nor confrontation. It’s singing to the choir. Sitting on ones fat ass at home AIN’T GONNA WIN ANY BATTLES. Until knuckledragging, gun totin’ cretins are faced down by peaceful, quiet masses of good people....well, we all know.......and, then they came for me. There was no one left. STAND UP! FIGHT! LASH OUT! ACT UP!!! Or, are we mice....again?

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The Republicraps are slimy hypocrites. They have no conscience and no shame. Their mission is to instill fear in their idiotic cult members and turn them against minority groups. What on earth does it take for people to wake up and see how they are being manipulated and robbed at the same time by these entitled liars?

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These politicians are failed gay men who need a cheeseburger or a good f**k (and not necessarily in that order). Pent up fascists are auditioning for their Fuhrer's ear or cock (DeRacist or trumpanzee, take your pick). 60 to 70 percent of us are pushing back where we can unless you're in a crimson red (to go along with their neck) state. Cannot wait for the bloodbath next year to rid us of these cretinous Neanderthals...

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Is it just me or does it seem that EVERYTHING that these Republicans are against, they participate in?

They’re against LGBTQ, abortions, child predictors and too many other things. And there are news stories of examples of Republicans with pictures, investigations, accusations etc.

These people have no shame.

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This could be one of the single most dishonest piece of trash "reporting" in a long time. So much to break down. And I mean the lies come from the very beginning.

Please look at the photos/video of Bill Lee and Nate Schatzline. Notice their age, the year, the surroundings, the purpose and the intent. The INTENT. The Non-conservative Google definitions defines drag queen as "a performer (typically a man) who adopts a flamboyant or parodic feminine persona, with glamorous or exaggerated costumes and makeup. Do they remotely resemble drag queens? Hilarious.

He then says "Part of a GOP crusade to demonize LGBTQ people and push the “groomer” smear about transgender people and gay men, these Republican men turn out to have been obsessed with drag going way back". Nothing in this sentence is true. Drag doesn't equate to LGBTQ people. It has to do with any man that chooses and desires to dress up like a "sexy woman" and sing, dance, mostly provacatively, in front of young children. And our esteemed author states, without any proof, that "Republican men turn out to have been obsessed with drag". Obsessed he says!

And then mean, old Bill Lee signed the first ever bill "restricting drag performances". And links an article from CNN. Which states, and I quote "The bill, which the Tennessee House passed last week, defines an adult cabaret performance as a performance “that features topless dancers, go-go dancers, exotic dancers, strippers, male or female impersonators who provide entertainment that appeals to a prurient interest, or similar entertainers.” People have a problem with this? Seriously?

The idiocy continues. "Lee professed disbelief that anyone could equate what he did with what drag queens in nightclubs are doing". Mikey, please tell me how a guy in high school dressed as a gal for a joke among peers is even remotely similiar to an adult male drag queen dancing choosing to perfrom sexy song and dance routines in front of children. People pay to read your drivel?

"Most" drag queens are not performing in front of children, he says. So you acknowledge that "some" do? And you promote this? It's OK if it's "most" as long as it's not "all"?

"A law like this will only further put LGBTQ people in danger throughout Tennessee, targeted by vigilantes — homophobes and transphobes — determined to stop them from breaking the law". Danger! Danger! Their coming to get us!!!! I'm at a loss. This guy still pushes the false narrative (purposefully) that all drag shows are being banned. Drag is legal. And for adults. Drag is not appropriate for children. Any questions?

The video of the Texas Rep. and little Mikey's BS petulant rant and lies, are no different than with Lee. He was wearing a "low cut dress well above the knee". Oh clutch your pearls!! He's joined in the the skit with someone dressed as a baby, someone with a mustache swinging an inflatable hammer and someone dressed up as a gorilla! Doesn't get much more sexual than that. Pathetic.

You can agree or disagree with this assessment (assuming any of you can be intellectually honest).

Do your own research. Anyone who relies on this guy for "news" or "journalism" is being sorely miseld. Who is against keeping young children away from adult drag shows? That's all this is.

As I sign off before this is deleted and I am blocked, I have to say, Little Mikey, you telling me that I'm "obsessed" with you was hilarious. You repulse me. Not your lifestyle (I strongly support Gays against Groomers). Not even your annoying, whiny, valley girl voice. You repulse me because you are a liar and a coward. You can dish it but you can't even come close to taking it. Real tough guy you are.

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Touché 👏👏👍

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Wait, whaaaaaaat???


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