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It has been brought up, and I agree with it completely, that because 5 people died in the commission of this felony murder charges must be brought against ever person who set foot illegally inside the building. These charges would also be brought against Don, Jr. and Rudy Giuliani for inciting the riot and therefore being complicit in all the consequences thereof. If you can bring them against Donald, so much the better.

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Absolutely! But I doubt Mitch McChinless and his ilk will complete the task just like previously. Too bad we won't have our majority until after the new president is inaugurated!

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The refusal of the GOP to do anything about this concerns me. Sure, Lindsey G and McConnell spoke out, but big deal, when push came to shove, they were and still are cowards

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Congress needs to impeach his lard ass. They don’t need the Lapdog (Pence). He will not do shit. All these MoFos are so deep in the cult that won’t do anything, just like those idiots in Jonestown and Heaven’s Gate! Let Congress start the process, an emergency filing to protect the people and the U.S. from this man! This man is a national threat. No sugar coating for this incited, well-organized coup! Five people dead as of this morning, not to mention the ongoing deaths due to his mismanagement of C19! Start the impeachment and if the GOP still protect him, let the motherfucking GOP go down with him! Enough is enough with this fucking asshole!

The GOP will go as the stain on the carpet that can’t be removed, thrown away, as the Worst of the Worst in history, so be it. They own it and fucking deserve it!

For those cult followers resigning now, fuck them! They knew who this monster is!

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He needs to be impeached now, put the vote through this weekend! The GOP is not going to invoke the 25th

because they are spineless.

I am even more pissed off after seeing photos of Trump et al partying in a tent while the insurrectionists were storming the Capitol. And I heard this morning that a thug pulled a Marquis de Sade in Chuck Schumer’s office which is beyond vile and disgusting.

Please don’t call these racists animals because animals are far more intelligent and behave better.

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Impeachment looks to be the only way to respond to this now that coward Mike Pence who is afraid to even answer the phone let alone put his legacy on the line invoking the 25th.

My rep and senators are already on fire about this but anyone who hasn't contacted a wavering rep of theirs should do so now. This cannot go unanswered. Lots of damage can be done in these last days with no one in place to stop the madman.

Future politicians must see where following in his footsteps will lead. The best result of a successful impeachment is the restriction from ever holding office again. That takes him out of the mix in 2024 and also totally diminishes his power over the party in 22. That alone should inspire his party members to go along so their prospects improve.

Another vital part of the removal process is to finally rebuke incendiary speech that pols and conservative media types like to pretend isn't hurting anyone. Constant lying and invoking violent imagery has to stop.

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Impeach this animal from the White House! Enough is enough! This is national emergency! This man conspire to overthrow an democratic elected government. This is not normal! Anybody who encourage and promotes violence should be prosecuted. We, as citizen, as people, we are never going to agree or be on the same page about anything or everything. It does not justify to start violence, in this given case to “attack” the U.S. capital, it is not acceptable. People died because of this man. Fuk the Republicans and his cult followers feeding that shit that impeaching him would “divide” the country! No, no, no. This was a predetermined coup to overthrow a democratic elected government. Whoever incites this behavior should be incarcerated, no fucking excuses! This man is a fucking monster and so are his enablers, followers, i.e. Flynn, Cruz, Douchebags Hawley /Trump Jr., Giuliani, the new asshole from Alabama, Tuberville, that fucking senator and Moscow Mule John Kennedy and the list goes on. Like I said, fuck the GOP and his enablers!

Take a moment to recall what happened to the “peaceful BLM and affordable care protesters and civil right activists” I don’t have Amnesia. I remember everything this fucking man and his enablers did to this country, to its citizens for the last four years! We have laws for reasons and nobody is above the law including the President!

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Looking to Mike Pence to grow a spine and do what is right for the nation is a fool's game. No wonder Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are going done that road first. Pelosi dragged her heels before starting impeachment hearings the first time and then rushed an incomplete case to a parisan and treasonous Senate, leaving out the majority of his crimes. Now, once again, rather than move decisively she sits on her hands and looks for others to do the work. Pence can invoke the 25th any time he wants, impeachment proceedings won't hinder that at all. I truly do not understand how anyone can consider her a decent leader, let alone Speaker. She has consistenely LOST seats during her terms as Speaker, losing the House once and almost doing so a 2nd time. She is one of the many reasons I changed my registration from Democrat to No Party Preference. While she, Schumer, Perez, and the rest of the anti-progressive wing of the Party hold power I am done with them.

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I hope I can share my thoughts here. They may antagonize some people. If so, be gentle on the rebuttal because I am not sure I will be able to convey this the way I wish.

I will be blunt: I feel a modicum of compassion for all the protestors who stormed the capital.

If you think that was bad, prepare for the next thought, but hold your anger until you hear me out.

The Constitution does open the door for the right of people to overthrow a tyrannical government.

These people truly think the government is tyrannical.

Now if they had ONLY stormed the Capital, I might have been even more compassionate in a remote and detached way.

For me, however, the issue was how they smiled when they did this. This smiling is not the mark of a true patriot or rebel overthrowing a tyranny. It is the mark of a child. THAT is what fascinates me the most. However, let me go deeper.

Consider the TV show, “Friends.” Who is the idiot on the show?

Ross – the scientist, the anthropologist.

Consider the movies of Steven Spielberg. In nearly every one of his moves, scientists and the government is the enemy.

Shonda Rhimes and “Scandal?” Sure, there are empowered gay, women and people of color, but her message remains: “evil forces run the government.”

So you have 70 million people who are struggling, while the super rich are milking the system, from Jeff Bezos to Elon Musk to Queen Elizabeth. The US is not a country. It is a bank.

Americans have been spoon fed a diet of mistrust of the government and science. And they truly (erroneously, yes, but sincerely) believe they must overthrow the government.

Trump is a clown who saw this and exploited it.

Is it any wonder we are at this point? Are we all complicit?

We have BLM, gay rights, cis-straight white men and women, trans people – we are all fighting each other, when the real enemy are the super rich who control us all, and set us against each other.

Yes, in a practical sense, these people who stormed the capital must be punished. However, I still have some compassion. They are hurt and angry and while they are mostly cis, straight white people they are people hurting nonetheless.

If we just go after them, and satiate our anger at the last four years, will we accomplish anything?

Or to put this another way, when I told my daughter: “This was an amazing seasonal finale to a four year show,” I consider her response:

“This is just the hook for next season.”

Be gentle -- I am not sure I even agree with myself.

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