When will the Democrats start screaming about the GOP, the party hell-bent on removing human rights from this country. Church and state must be kept separate. Isn't that in the Constitution since people like Justice Alito likes to justify his b.s. by referring to the Constitution. If we follow the Constitution, then black people aren't even fully human, something like 3/5 or whatever nonsense was the thought of the hour in our Forefathers' day and age. Shall we make women property again? Take away their right to vote. Gays aren't mentioned in the Constitution so do we remove their rights as human beings? This idiocy has to stop. We look like a country of morons to the rest of the world.

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These religious extremist justices will lie, cheat, steal and murder all in the name of their “god”, while getting support from the biggest degenerates on the planet. All while painting someone like TFG as someone sent from god to impose their will on all of us.

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Can we please start capitalizing 'G' in Gay! I always do and Never in that 'god' word!!🤮

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I tried to get on today's show. I stayed on hold until I had to hang up to go to a doctors appointed. Anyway; it was a GREAT hour of listening. As usual. I truly enjoyed the remarkable guests you had on and was screaming YES YES. Here is what I wanted to add to the conversation. Governor Reeves should have been questioned about the fact that: 1. Mississippi has the highest poverty rate for women in the nation. 2. Mississippi has one of the highest rates for woman who do not have insurance. 3. Mississippi ranks last in the country for women and children's health outcomes. 4.Mississippi ranks 50th in health care. Ranks 43rd in education. 49th for their economy. 48th in infrastructure. 44th in opportunity. 41st in fiscal stability. 33rd in crime and corrections. The median income is $24,519. If time permitted, I was also going to make a comment about calling the leadership in the Senate and the House. I sure as hell did that and I am afraid I wasn't very nice to the young man in Chuck's office. I had had the privilege of being on our show many times and I truly want to thank you for all you do for our country. Love you Brother.

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May 10, 2022·edited May 11, 2022

These narratives and laws are proposed/enacted appealing to the (sadly) conventional wisdom that being cishetero is appropriate, innocuous and the default while anything related to LGBTQ people is inappropriate, pornographic and something you're "promoted" into, so it's easy for bigots to smear anyone who talks to children about LGBTQ people simply existing as if they were a danger to children and have many on-lookers buy into that panic.

I think a lot of what needs to be done is a huge effort to educate and affirm to the masses that:

(1) being LGBTQ is not about sexual content, but about romantic feelings and personal identity in the same way it is for cishetero people;

(2) LGBTQ people were and are children too, we just did not (and largely still don't) have our feelings affirmed or represented in the world around us in the same way it is everywhere for cishetero people, just knowing it was okay to fall in love (or have those innocent fuzzy feelings) towards kids of my same gender and that I didn't have to pretend to be attracted to girls would have made a world of difference for me and many others;

(3) gender-affirming care for transgender youth is very specialized and tailored to every individual, there are always guidelines and processes followed by all involved professionals with the child/teen and their family to achieve the best possible outcome in their journey (just as it is with healthcare in general), whether they decide to continue with a gender transition or not at any point;

(4) people need really understand and see that we are their kids, their children, their parents, their friends, their families, their co-workers, their best friends, their brothers and sisters and that these bigots want us to suffer, they need to understand that these zealots are using the power of the government to make our existence a living hell, to subject us to the tortures of "conversion therapy", further incentivize bullying, family disownment and violence towards us;

and (5) people need to finally learn, understand and internalize that there's absolutely nothing wrong, inappropriate, abnormal or unnatural with being LGBTQ or anything other than cisgender and straight. That we're just as human as they are and that we're entitled to live and thrive authentically and in peace during any time of our lives and everywhere we go, just as cisgender and straight people do.

Also, an issue I notice with the "turn it on its head" approach regarding these "don't say gay" laws is that ironically policing mentions of cisheterosexuality in the same way the bigots want to police the existence of LGBTQ people would probably involve needlessly reporting teachers or shaming anyone in a school setting who references cisheterosexuality in any way and other tactics that would rarely be practical at all. It would also be sort counter productive because it embraces the conservative framing that anything related to romantic relations is taboo and should be shushed out ("if gay people can't exist in public then heterosexual people shouldn't either") and because cishetero people are rarely going to forego the privilege to live their lives authentically to put any energy on these strategies of irony.

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Dean has been saying for years that the idea is to impose “christian” sharia law and many people thought he was being overly alarmist, while guess what—he wasn’t. This has to stop

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