This was so valuable a conversation Ruth Ben-Ghiat is brilliant and once again Michelangelo thank you so much for all that you are doing, your show is incredible and gives me hope.

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May 27·edited May 27

DeSatan and the orange, flab-man have no firm convictions. They only want power at any cost; neither has a conscience. DeSatan has ruined Florida. His sycophant legislature has rubber stamped every rights-removing bill he has endorsed. Now only 3/4 of the jury needed to execute. This will make racists happy as they believe all criminals are minorities. Billionaires and fake Christian gun-freaks are his base, and there are plenty in Florida. I don't think it's safe anywhere, but Florida is a model for turning the USA fascist. As for the debt ceiling....it's theater....more b.s. Why doesn't Biden just invoke the 14th amendment and be done with the drama?

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