This piece in the New York Times by a historian who wrote all about the flu 1918 backs up pretty much what ai wrote in this piece. Masks, mitigation are very helpful but bottom line; We opened too quick and much of the country will have to shut down again.

The Pandemic Could Get Much, Much Worse. We Must Act Now.

A comprehensive shutdown may be required in much of the country.


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My kids aren't going back to school, they will stay home and learn virtually. My decision has been criticized with claims that children are immune to COVID among other things, but I'm standing my ground. Is it inconvenient? Absolutely it is. My career is practically on hold for the time being. We're currently a single-income house as a result of that. Money is tight, but we are alive and that's what matters. I can't so much as send my kids to school during the year without catching colds every other month. I fear for what's going to happen when school doors open up again, but I find some comfort knowing my kids won't be the test subjects for a decision where the benefit simply doesn't outweigh the cost.

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If our country was truly living up to being the United States of America then we would not be in this mess. When I lived and worked abroad over the years, I was often disappointed with how spoiled and self-entitled the US can be. I love my country but our behavior over the past 3.75 years is a complete embarrassment and disgrace.

There should have been a national coordinated effort at the start. But nope, not happening under this administration. We’re on the path of exactly what communist leaders abroad want and are gleefully sitting back and watching: the complete fracture of the “United” States.

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You’re so right Michealangelo! I’m in Tucson and even though the mayor Regina Romero has mandated the wearing of masks there are still people that think you’re trampling on their constitutional right to get sick and die. I for one want to live and not make my family sick! Doug Ducey is a joke and he’s in the same boat as Abbott in Texas and DeSantis in fl (tow the dear leaders party line or face the wrath of what I don’t know!) trump is wounded and I wouldn’t be happy to be handcuffed to this dead hooker if I was a repugnant! Thank god my children aren’t in school anymore and are adults but if they were school age I wouldn’t be sending them back to a building next month. Keep fighting the good fight sir! I Enjoy the knowledge I gain from you and your show.

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Good morning Michael

I just read a piece on CNN that the COVID data is going to be rerouted directly to the Trump administration. How did our representatives allow this to happen? How do we fight this?

They will manipulate this data. They are playing with human lives. This isn’t fair. How do try to stop this?

I’m sorry I am just outraged that this is happening. When does it stop?

What can I do as a citizen to express my outrage. This is more than politics.

Once again I’m sorry I just don’t understand the lawlessness of the current administration.

If they are allowed to proceed with this. They are literally getting away with murder.

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I think nothing is going to happen. All things going now each day is noise while Dump and the Reich let the country continue to fall into more dismay. This is there plan. All of them. Putin wakes up and smiles each day at this. The only way Dump will leave office is if he steps down or gets very sick and leaves. The Reich is working on messing up and fixing the election in their favor with voting suppression in all ways so unless a ton of the white supremacists vote against their nazi party this country is over. Nothing happens to this Evil. Nothing. It’s all noise and he’s still there.

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With all due respect, why should the citizens of the states that did this properly have to go back to phase zero? We paid our dues - mask wearing in my state is nearly 100%, and has been since March. Now, we are tentatively returning to some activities, new cases are below 200, and we had our first day with no deaths. Are people letting their guard down? Not at all. (I'm in Massachusetts, by the way).... love the show, take care....

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