Happy Labor Day to you Sir and all of us that seek truth and sanity during this shitshow! Thank you so much for keeping us together and handing asses to all of the cult followers that call you on your show everyday! I laugh my ass off everytime that you call them out, fuk them! They deserve it!!!!

Let’s get real about these assholes, the Racist Republicans and Orange Turd Enablers, they are a fucking cult, PERIOD!

These assholes don’t give a shit about people, the country or the Constitution. The fact that they enable this ignorant obese piece of shit in the White House is insane! OMFG, what happened to America? These MoFos are all about themselves and I bet you that the Russians got shit on them, Michelangelo, there is no way a true American will put out soldiers in danger and allow Putin to put bounties on them and call them “Losers and Suckers” to our men and women in uniform that serve out country! This is insane! Let’s vote this bitch out in November, he and the GOP are the worst of the worst and need to get their shit together! The GOP is dead, they are ignorant-despicable-bag-of-deplorable-pieces-of-shit! Fuk them! Sorry everyone, but, have a safe Labor Day! Luv you all!

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Reposting because I shouldn’t have included George Wallace as part of the Republican party. Though he may as well have been.

Stuart Stevens has finally discovered racism is the core of the GOP? And now he realizes Trump and the administration are an embodiment of racism? Seriously?

I’m sorry but his is just another story of “well African-Americans are no longer slaves so all good.”. This isn’t being nave; its just complete and utter ignorance. And inexcusable.

So he believed Mitch Mcconnell made it his mission to oppose Obama on everything he could because he didn’t like the ties he wore? Reagan referred to Africans as monkeys because he accidentally chose the wrong reference?

And I’ve mentioned before that everyone blames Trump. The GOP could have worked to prevent him from getting on the ticket in 2016 but they did not. It’s the same reason why they still remain silent: they all think like him. They just lack the ego and brashness to be so blatant about it.

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Great interview. I look forward to reading this book. I just wish there was some way I could get those good people I know who, like the Republcans, have been willing to make the Tony Saprano deal which always leads to disaster. This has been the Republican Party since Nixon: power at any cost. LIe, cheat, commit treason, rig elections, suppress rights... do anything as long as you get a taste.

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This is my thanks to all of the hard working Immigrants who come from all over the world to MAKE AMERICA THE GREATEST COUNTRY THAT IS! FULL STOP.

Ditto to the Don that fights the CON, Michelangelo Signorile!!!

Feliz Día del Trabajo

El señor Donald Duck es un pelo sucio de culo!

Aquí está el verdadero Donald Duck:


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Mike that was the best interview I've heard on your show and I've been listening to you for 10yrs. That's why your the G.O.A.T

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