So far, it seems to me that the LGBT community is not fighting back much against these false accusations. MAGA is a fascist movement, & fascists have always engaged in stochastic terrorism against minorities in order to build a following, esp Jews & homosexuals. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-stochastic-terrorism-uses-disgust-to-incite-violence/

Point out that MAGA Christian nationalist movement has plenty of "groomers of faith" w/in its ranks, for ex https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki




https://ministrywatch.com/amp/alabama-pastor-accused-of-sexually-assaulting-7-year-old/. (Southern baptist preachers really can't keep their hands out of the kiddie cookie jar; they're almost as bad as priests).

And so on. (If parents really want to ensure that their kids won't be sexually molested, they should probably home school them about Jesus on Sundays).

And OMG, you could spend days Googling all of the Repubs accused of child sexual abuse.

My favorite: https://cdn.factcheck.org/UploadedFiles/Johnson_TrumpEpstein_Lawsuit.pdf

Bottom line: When you take abuse lying down, you get stomped on. Time for the LGBT community to get up & get mean- like they did in the AIDS era.

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We have to tie the “Don’t Say Gay” effort by House Republicans to Vladimir Putin, and his likeminded “gay propaganda laws” in Russia. Increasingly, America’s Republican/Christian Nationalist movement is falling in love with Putin, who wants to lead a worldwide war on western (US and Europe) “depravity” (LGBTs), for Jesus. It’s a reason why Kevin McCarthy started making noise about pulling back from our support for Ukraine - they like what they see in Russia’s Christian Nationalist leader. Link GOP’s latest anti-LGBT war to Putin, and Hungary’s Orbán, and the other far-right Christian Nationalist authoritarians. The link is real (Orban spoke at CPAC in Dallas). And it’ll open up the eyes of American voters, and they won’t like what they see.

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It is sickening what is happening in Florida. Val Demings was clearly a better candidate than Rubio and yet she lost. Crist should go away and never run for office again. As a 75 year old gay man I have lived through the plague of Viet Nam, the plague if AIDS, Covid and Trump the Maggot yet I have survived. We must work even harder to protect all the advances our community has made. Never give up and never give in. As Michelangelo titled his last book "It's Not Over" it proved that is not over and we must keep on fighting as our lives depended on it because they do.

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I will not forgive the NY state voters for ousting the Democrats. They have created a political atmosphere that will ensure chaos, anxiety & frustration for the next 2 years.

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Greetings from fascist florida, now that the conservative oldsters have made this a crimson red racist state we can continue being the petri dish that the rest of the nation can experiment and improve upon. We can truly thank the Supremacist Junta (court) for the rubber stamping of overt racist gerrymandering. Barak and Eric made pie in the sky promises and nothing happened. A more egalitarian nation would have balked at neutering a political party so brazenly. Back to our regularly scheduled program: Schumer stole our opportunity to vote marriage equality into untouchable status but instead we got the very people who expediently voted for it in the House now on the cusp of eking out a slim majority and with a few tweaks here and there will have us back in the closet...

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I was joking last week when my coworker in the Dept. of Health (HIV/AIDS section) wanted some items from the Supply closet that they wanted me back in the closet (seems prescient now...)

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At 72 my short term memory not the same, (btw spent the early 1970’s on asbury in sf). But i digress. Many months ago wasn’t there a special election on east coast where i am now where a republican deftly slid into a comfortable niche between maga and dem politics and flipped a seat?

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Well summarized Mike. - glad to see you emphasizing this. - ac

(Tell Me Everything ‘stack)

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