Tim from the UP of Michigan.

I'm also tired of the mainstream media pushing this type of BS. They (MSM) continually try to give the petulant child in our White House ideas to beat the rap on what ever kind of crisis or trouble he is in at the moment. This truly pisses me off. I like how MS lets the New York Times have it when they try to normalize the child's behaviors. I'm no fan of Peter Baker either.

AOC sure ate Rep. Yoho for lunch with her speech on the floor. She is so intelligent and awesome. She has more courage and integrity than any male member of the House on the other side of the aisle.

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The mainstream media just continues to pour gas on the narcissistic flames of Trump. Feed the monster so they can increase ratings and add more money to their pockets. They don’t challenge the bs he spews. Instead it’s oh my goodness Trump has a hangnail and then clamor together for a press briefing about what a tremendous and perfect hangnail it is. And now they’re planting seeds to instill the mindset that votes will not matter because he may refuse to leave office. They’re on Team Trump!

I’m VERY proud of AOC and her clap-back at Yoohoo. I hope the public embarrassment of the misogynistic assholes continues until our country takes serious steps to end it. Unfortunately in the corp world, women are still penalized for speaking up and I’ve been threatened and/or terminated for violating mystery policies because I spoke out. I had one male manager who told me surely I was capable of doing something and he wanted to help me figure out what that was after I became aware he was trying to sabotage my work and another male manager who wrote in a review that I was too stupid to address an envelope. Hmmm guess my degree in Computer Science, ability to communicate in another language and years of domestic and international work experience some how made me illiterate.

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I have a different take on the suggestion that tRump may defiantly refuse to leave the WH should he lose the election in November. tRump ,with all his blustering “bravado” and narcissism is in reality ,extremely insecure ,a weak man and when confronted , which is not often, he backs off, like the coward he is. I think the concerning issue is that tRump is beginning to realize that he is doomed to failure and rather than accepting his fate he will “throw grenades” and while he still has the power he will be as destructive as the GOP, & We, the People,will allow him to be. The damage that a narcissistic psychotic individual can do with power at their hands is not to be under estimated.

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I heard you speak about this yesterday, and I was glad to hear it being discussed. Thom Hartmann’s talked about it this morning, too (calling it “a feedback loop”). Here’s something I posted a few days ago on this subject:

“The media” needs to just stop creating this narrative of “will you or won’t you” obey the outcome of the election; “will you or won’t you” allow a smooth transition of power if you should lose the election; etc., ad nauseam.

This is insanity, and it plays into his insanity, which he’s only too happy to play along with. “Ooh, we’re so scared of you! What are you going to do if...?” WTF?!!?

He’s expected to respect the outcome if he should lose, and depart like every one of his predecessors.

He should not even be asked these stupid questions by so-called journalists.

It’s as inane as asking him, “If you lose, are you going to beat your wife and son?”

He’ll go, all right. If not, we’ll deal with it at that time. Shut up about it, already.

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True; he only thinks he is our KING.

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Oh man, I just had to log in to chime in about Marty. He's not in the same reality that we are.

You gotta post his call Michaelangelo!

And, as Michaelangelo pointed out - the crime bill of the 90s has been repudiated. When you have a lifetime of public service, you're going to look back and regret some votes. And, don't kid yourself - if Trump were in Congress at the time he would've been screaming that it was TOO WEAK!!!

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