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We will win this fight…. but Biden needs our full support to pressure the renegade Democrats to stop playing “footsies” with the Repugnants and their sponsors.

SCOTUS needs a reform now, we can’t wait for some commission report filed in 20 years time !

Immediate action NOW on SCOTUS, VOTING RIGHTS, ABORTION RIGHTS & INFRASTRUCTURE .All these issues are crucial to our survival as a democracy. Of course, let’s not forget health care, which is fundamental to a healthy and productive country.

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Well said, sir, I couldn't agree more! Pack SCOTUS! And get rid of lifetime appointments for unelected judges. This is not a sign of democracy it is a carryover from monarchy just like the Electoral College is a carryover from slavery. Abolish them both!

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Excellent article Mike! You’re spot on that Joe Biden and the Democrats must end the filibuster and reform SCOTUS now. When John Roberts thinks an abortion bill is too extreme it’s akin to Hell freezing over. I like that he’s standing firm on his decision to get out of Afghanistan but he needs to show that same backbone with regard to the Court.

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We send our boys to war. They kill.

Then they come home.

PTSD is an abused term. For me, PTSD represents the difficulty of reconciling one’s fundamental goodness vs. the atrocities one perpetrates in war.

Still, our men try. They suffer, but they try.

Then they come home to a country that informs them that the taking of life is an evil. How can they not suffer from this?

Somewhere, out there, is a young man who killed, and in his loneliness must come to terms with this. I am grateful that, with counseling and time, he may come to a resolution that will help him sleep at night.

(Spare me the distinction between innocent life and the life of a terrorist: life is life.)

I am sure the five conservative members of the SC are brilliant. They manifest great intellect. They can distinguish the nuances of state rights vs. federal rights, and their arguments are impressive. They can thin the fine line between the right to one’s own body vs the right of a fetus. It takes great intellect to pontificate and show how one can reason, as they do. I am sure they are impressive and can debate me into the cellar.

However, wisdom comes not from intellect but in how one balances intellect with emotion.

For somewhere, out there, is young girl who was raped or, perhaps, made a mistake. And she, too, must come to terms with a decision in the darkness. No woman makes this choice lightly.

No words from me, or anyone, will help that young man on his journey, and no words will help that young girl.

One day, as a country we will recognize that the path of “choice” may indeed cross the boundary of what some define as life. However, we have always crossed that line, in this country. On that day, we will realize that those five justices (and the self-proclaimed Christian right) were more impressed with their own arrogant demonstrations of intellect, over the modest path to wisdom.

It is sad that that day seems so much far off, today.

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Robert Kuttner: One thing you have to give Joe Manchin. His sense of timing is exquisite.

For his op-ed in The Wall Street Journal warning that the $3.5 trillion physical and human infrastructure package is too costly, he picked a day when nature provided the best, irrefutable rejoinder.

With fires, droughts, water shortages, and heat waves devastating much of the American West, and hurricanes and floods wrecking the cities of the South and the Northeast, we are going to need public investments that make $3.5 trillion look like chump change if America is to be habitable at all.

That means everything from a very different water strategy for the West, to hardened electric grids everywhere, to flood barriers and water diversion systems for thousands of cities and towns. It means a redoubling of investments in a post-carbon economy so that climate change doesn’t worsen beyond what’s already inevitable.

As AOC astutely pointed out yesterday, "One piece of data I’m seeing: the subway stations + other infrastructure rebuilt post-Hurricane Sandy for climate resilience *worked.* It was areas that *didn’t* get investment that suffered. We shouldn’t wait for climate disaster to rebuild & prepare—that’s what GND is about."

Manchin also expressed alarm about inflation. Wait until droughts, floods, heat waves, and parched crops start raising food prices. That’s all the more reason for serious investment in sustainable agriculture.

It happens that a lot of the social investments in the reconciliation package, such as enhanced child care and health care outlays, and free community college, save working families a lot of money. If Manchin is worried about price pressures, he should support those investments.

These worsening catastrophic events hit red states and blue states alike. I suspect that Republican governors, senators, and representatives will soon be begging for more federal investment in public infrastructure.

Manchin wrote, "Ignoring the fiscal consequences of our policy choices will create a disastrous future for the next generation of Americans." He got one word wrong. Ignoring the climate consequences of our policy choices will destroy life for future Americans.

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You make an excellent point, Mike: many of us wondered if middle-of-the-road Joe Biden would be resolute in standing up to anything deemed unpopular by the DC cocktail wienie-set, the Beltway purveyors of perceived centrist positioning. With Afghanistan, he proved his mettle: when the American people are behind him, he can and will stand firm.

We are behind him again on making the Courts bigger, more progressive, and less dominated by Trumpish appointees. He needs to act with our authority and support at his back: expand SCOTUS and the lower courts; appoint non-Federalist-Society jurists who are more in tune with Americans than the corporate, theocratic hacks of the GOP; and diversify the federal courts from top to bottom so America sees ourself reflected therein.

We know Joe Biden can be strong and intentional. Let's see if he'll bring that resolution he showed on Afghanistan to the domestic sphere: eliminate the filibuster and expand the federal Courts from top to bottom. These are minor administrative changes that won't register a blip on his tenure compared to his bravery on Afghanistan but that will permit America to move ahead into the 21st century.

Do it, Joe.

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Two Supreme Court nominations were stolen from the Democrats, and we can blame McConnell for it. Biden should immediately make good on that theft and add 2 liberal judges to the Supreme Court. The GOP completely ignores the Constitution in their aim to set up a pseudo-Christian Fascist government. Biden needs to get tough and restore justice to our judicial system.

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The end justifies the means? Why don’t you guys just focus on winning elections…..oh wait, you voted a complete moron into office….I forgot…..

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