Listening to the opener of the House January 6 Insurrection Hearing today, I am more than ever outraged at the Republican’s lying narrative to sanitize what happened on January 6. I was more than moved by the testimony of the police officers who were within inches of their lives defending the January hearings inside the building, and defending Democracy. They said it so simply and to the point: it was an American insurrection. I am also glad to hear two Republican voices in today’s hearing. Not so that they may take the dark stain off the Republican party, that’s almost impossible now, but to realize there may still be a few people with integrity in that filthy cult with its filthy leadership.

There is one generalization I want to make. We must not forget these three defacto motives every hard right Trumpian caller holds when engaging the show. These three are before even the so-called content or subject matter of the call.

1. Republicans want Victory.

2. Republicans want Power

3. Republicans stand for bigoted, autocratic leadership over democracy.

This means don’t be fooled when they try to drag us into a conversation about this or that subject matter. It’s not really about the subject matter of the call. Its about Victory, Power and Bigoted, Authoritarian Leadership. Sometimes it seems like reasonable, collegiate discussion is possible. But at this time, it is not about anything they call in about. Every call is really about taking Victory, Power and Installing Corrupt Leadership. Each call is a skirmish in a war, not about solving a problem, even if it seems so. I certainly know Michelangelo understands this and is good at the response.

I close with a paraphrasing of Bill Clinton’s famous campaign statement: It’s the people, stupid. Or better, It’s the people, my dear friends and allies. We must not forget that almost half of the electorate is giving Victory, Power and Corrupt Leadership to the Republicans. How come? Why? What’s gone so wrong? But these important big questions are really secondary after the excellent point-by point-countering and clarifying of everything coming up from the right by Michelangelo on every show. Thanks so much Michelangelo for doing the heavy lifting.

Richard Simonelli

Fenton, Missouri

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If this slides off Rump, what's next?

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