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Bad political “Kharma”. The totality of tRump’s & his minions’ conduct & actions are coming back to haunt them big time. The fact the tRump and his administration would make partisan political decisions regarding the lives & deaths of human beings is appalling. All of his supporters, witnessing tRump’s ongoing actions should hang their heads in shame.

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such an important post Mike, thank you. this is sorta inside-journalism stuff but I'm instantly reminded about how HUFFY D.C. journos got when we called out Maggie Haberman for relentless-access nonsense. here we have a "paper of record" reporter admitting she had a story and refused to report it out. disgusting.

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It is breathtaking that we allow someone who failed a test for a security clearance was in charge of the Coronavirus response. What a pathetic excuse for a presidential administration.

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Unfair elections lead to politicians who appreciate unfairness, which leads to more unfairness.

Trump finally seemed to change his tone about the coronavirus only after his senior advisors showed him evidence that cases of the disease were starting to proliferate in Republican states.

“In the past couple of weeks, senior advisers began presenting Trump with maps and data showing spikes in coronavirus cases among ‘our people’ in Republican states, a senior administration official said. They also shared projections predicting that virus surges could soon hit politically important states in the Midwest — including Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.” – Washington Post, 7/26/20

“McConnell’s ploy — and Trump’s Twitter ditto — offered an illustration of how much damage the Electoral College system continues to inflict on our politics.

If we had a one-person, one-vote national system for electing presidents, McConnell would have to worry about alienating voters in Democratic states, the same way that Gov. Greg Abbott has to worry about alienating voters in the blue counties of Texas.

Abbott lost Bexar County to Lupe Valdez in 2018, but he still captured more than 251,000 votes here. He doesn’t want to go out of his way to antagonize those voters, because they all count on the state vote total.

By contrast, the voters of New York and New Jersey — our two biggest Donor States, and the two states with the highest number of COVID-19 cases — are politically irrelevant to Trump (and, by extension, McConnell).

In 2016, Trump received more than 22 million votes in the states carried by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. For all he cares, however, he might as well have gotten zero votes in those states, because that’s how many electoral votes he received.” – San Antonio Express News – 4/29/20

Trump and McConnell aren't waging war on coronavirus, they're waging war on Blue states where Trump can’t win Electoral College votes.

Trump and McConnell are putting their boots to the neck of every state they deem ideologically unfit.

“Why should the people and taxpayers of America be bailing out poorly run states (like Illinois, as example) and cities, in all cases Democrat run and managed.” – Trump, 4/27/20

Senators Claim Trump’s Coronavirus Response Favored Swing States

the administration “made decisions about distributing life-saving supplies based on electoral concerns of the President and his political allies”

a White House aide is quoted saying “the president knows Florida is so important for his reelection, so when DeSantis says that, it means a lot… He pays close attention to what Florida wants.” – Forbes, 4/23/20

Trump’s vindictiveness towards blue states is “only possible because Trump has fully internalized the logic of the Electoral College, which, through its winner-take-all bloc system, renders Trump’s margin in deep-blue states irrelevant. Nearly 4.5 million Californians and almost 3 million New Yorkers voted for Trump in 2016, but that number could collapse to zero without hurting Trump’s electoral prospects. Treating half of America like hostile, conquered territory has surprisingly little political downside for Trump.

The effects of this attitude have been of minor practical consequence until the coronavirus. Now, as states desperately scramble for protective gear and life-saving equipment, Trump is signaling to governors that their level of federal cooperation will depend on them providing the level of flattery he expects." – Jonathan Chait – 3/25/20

“Massachusetts received 17% of requested medical supplies from the Trump administration. Maine got 5%. Colorado only received 1 day's worth. Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got everything he requested and is getting an identical shipment next week.

Trump is distributing desperately needed resources according to their party and loyalty to the president”. – 3/29/20

“As states across the country have fought to get their hands on a piece of the governments strategic stockpile of masks, gloves and other supplies, Trump’s biases appear to have been reflected in the allocation of those goods.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the government’s stockpile was nearly depleted. [Democratic Governor]Whitmer and the state of Michigan had received just “a fraction” of what they’d requested, the Post reported.

Florida, meanwhile — a must-win state for Trump in 2020 and home to a close [Republican] ally of his, Gov. Ron DeSantis — got everything it asked for and more.” – 4/2/20 - Talking Points Memo

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With very few exceptions, I finding increasingly less value in many of the Beltway reporters' articles. The focus on shiny objects, the lack of follow-up, hiding behind objectivity to avoid their obligations to be arbiters of truth relegates them to a fog of noise. These aren't serious people worthy of attention. Among the very few who will be remembered are Julie K Brown with her fearless pursuit of the truth behind Jeffrey Epstein and Susanne Craig, who spearheaded the Trump tax bombshells. As to Trump, yes, he is worried, his campaign suspended advertising until they can develop new strategies, but he has over 3 months to wreak havoc and misery. I worry about turnout...the protests were inspiring, but will the protestors vote? Why aren't we bombarded 24/7 by former politicians, celebrities, influencers to vote by mail, vote early, create a back-up voting strategy? Many people have never voted by mail and may not even know how to request a ballot. Many who receive ballots fill them out incorrectly/forget to sign the envelope/procrastinate until it's too late. Democrats have the advantage in numbers only if they actually vote.

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Maggie Haberman COULD have been a "Sheri", in all this BS! Instead, she refused to do the right thing & drop this bomb, months ago & who knows, how many American lives COULD have been spared! She will go down on the Trumptanic, with the rest of his buddies! SHAME ON HER & THE REST OF EM! So much for "freedom of the press", in this instance! 😡😢

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The level of cluelessness and stupidity with this administration is staggering. They honestly thought a virus magically stopped spreading at the borders of Democratic states! They think their racist rhetoric from previous centuries will have all of America cheering hooray. Since they clearly despise the US and are traitors, why don’t THEY leave?

They claim to have billions of dollars so can find an unpopulated island and populate it with the only people they want to associate with. Trump and his family and cronies can have all the power they want and our nation will no longer have to be subject to his insufferable antics. His faithful supporters, including the GOP who adore him, can join them because they’ll become the laborers needed to build homes, etc. and enjoy serving man they worship.

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Most Americans think it is wrong that the candidate with the most popular votes can lose. We don't allow this in any other election in our representative republic.

Unfair elections lead to politicians who appreciate unfairness, which leads to more unfairness.

Now we need to support the "Yes On National Popular Vote" campaign in Colorado, and vote for and urge state legislators in states with the 74 more electoral votes needed, to enact the National Popular Vote bill for the 2024 election.

The bill is 73% of the way to guaranteeing the majority of Electoral College votes and the presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in the country. The bill changes state winner-take-all laws (not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, but later enacted by 48 states), without changing anything in the Constitution, using the built-in method that the Constitution provides for states to make changes.

It requires enacting states with 270 electoral votes to award their electoral votes to the winner of the most national popular votes.

All voters would be valued equally in presidential elections, no matter where they live.

No more distorting, crude, and divisive red and blue state maps


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I stated this in my convos with fam and friends: when the reports first came out that this virus was KILLING black and brown folx, whyt folx around the country started their "Anti-Mask Protests". They still believe this: they're the ones loosing their shyt in stores after being asked to wear a mask, and arguing with customers and store managers and getting put out of Costco because they would rather experiment with "herd immunity"....

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This Vanity Fair scoop, while shocking on its face, should put the nail in the Haberman career coffin. She is a relentless access-monger who doesn't deserve employment by the NYT. She should resign.

I'm curious what she says to her editors when asked about the story: "Oh yeah, I knew about this, Ivanka told me the whole thing but I knew I couldn't write it up without pissing her off, so, nope?"

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When will these people be indicted?

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