This article scares the hell out of me because every word is the truth. The GOP will stop at nothing to regain control of the Senate, the House and the presidency. The Democrats need to stop screwing around now or this country is doomed.

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they're shooting for August because Congress will be out on their month long vacation. I really hope they beef up security during that month.

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From Trumps very beginning, by his actions which spoke louder then his words, Satanic. Now besides the Trumsters the whole Republician Senate is behind Trumps lie of the Presidency being stolen from him. This is not a normal reaction so It has to be being munipulated by the devel who is using these people for his own purposes. WE CAN STOP THIS WITH PRAYERS FOR OUR COUNTRY.

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Donald J. Trump is the most corrupt POTUS in the history of the U.S. His behavior since he entered the presidential race back in 2015 alone is unconscionable. Add to that the endless list of employees, suppliers and customers who have been mistreated by the delusional, malignant narcissist, compulsive liar, is beyond comprehension. Trump's actions since the November 2020 election are nothing short of insurrection. It is infuriating that Trump hasn't been held accountable for his actions. Never in our nation's history has a president come close to Trump in abuse of power and breaking of a long list of laws.

What is equally infuriating to Trump's abuse of power is the behavior by a long list of enablers who have parroted Trump's lies along with the gullibility of a shocking percentage of voters in this country. I consider every Republican politician who continues to support Trump and refuses to hold him accountable to be as guilty as he is.

I vividly remember Nixon's Watergate scandal in the early 1970s. This country was torn apart but responsible Republicans put the country before the interests of the Republican Party. They were responsible Americans. Nixon was held accountable and was forced to resign by influential Republicans. John Dean, the White House Counsel when the Watergate break-in took place and he was and was part Watergate coverup. Dean subsequently provided key testimony before Congress during their investigation of the Watergate break-in and cover-up. Dean has stated that Trump's January 6th insurrection actions are worse than Nixon's involvement with Watergate. Add to that Trump's endless lies about winning the November election and his moves to get the election overturned have plunged our country into a devastating crisis. There is no end to this crisis in sight.

The fact that Republicans at the national and state levels continue to do everything possible to keep Trump from being held accountable, while backing his lies and continued leadership of the Republican Party is a tragedy whose repercussions at home and abroad are far from over. The refusal by Republicans serving in Congress, especially the Senate to allow a proper bipartisan investigation into Trump's actions is damaging beyond comprehension.

I remain disgusted, furious and shocked with the inability of our elected government to hold Trump accountable. Exactly what will it take for the monster known as Donald J. Trump to be held accountable for his actions? How much more short and long term damage and our worldwide reputation will be inflicted upon our country will take place before this nightmare is over?

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