Hi Michelangelo!

I particularly enjoyed your interview with Tedra Cobb, who really impressed me. Talk about someone who is fully prepared to run for office! I truly hope that she makes it in this year, and especially against someone so despicable as Elise Stefanik.

I realize it's not going to be easy for her but I'm rooting for her AND, right after listening to your interview with her, I went ahead and sent a donation to her campaign — and I live in California!

Thanks for having her on and I hope you have her on again.

P.S. I'm hoping you might have on another New Yorker who can share A LOT about running for office: Hillary Clinton!

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I spent my early college years in the North Country and I have met Tedra Cobb (family friend), she is a truly amazing, intelligent candidate and I hope she kicks Elise Stefanik's a**!

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