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Hello Michael, everyone. I am in Knoxville, TN where protests have been happening downtown with pretty large crowds. Mostly peaceful. Knoxville is a blue spot in a very red state. As a matter of fact, Knox Co., where Knoxville City is, is deeply red. It is an odd dichotomy for sure. US Rep. Tim Burchett used to be our county mayor but is now a Trump ass kisser extraordinaire. But somehow, Knoxville City always goes blue and we have a new democratic female mayor on the heels of the outgoing democratic female mayor. Can't wait for November to come so we can throw the republican administration out of office!

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Hello all, Michael writing you again from you hometown of Staten Island. I hope everyone out there is healthy and doing well. As these are very scary times for ALL human beings.

Just a small bio. I’m a mother of 3 beautiful girls and I am a Black American. There is so much to be said yet not enough time to put into words the trauma I internalize everyday of my life.

I don’t write this because I want someone to feel sorry for me but maybe it will help someone to understand the effects of racism that I feel as a black woman, as a black mother are real. And they may only scratch the surface as I am not a black man. But I have a father and I have a brother (amongst other relatives) that are productive, educated people who deserve the right to live a happy, peaceful life. I have gone to school with many young black men and women alike who are now leading professionals and even hold positions in our local government.

The fact that I had to write that is a part of the trauma. The constant need to explain away my accomplishments because I’m black (or the accomplishments of others that are black) so I am not viewed, “as one of them”.

I wrote you before. I work for Sanitation. Everyday at work for me, is an example of white supremacy and entitlement. But I keep my head down and I’m careful not to say too much because if I do I will quickly get labeled, “the angry black woman”.

Which leads me to this. It’s the silence. When I was in the first grade. I was at my white friends house having dinner. I grew up in Kensington Brooklyn. Which at the time was predominantly white. While having dinner her little brother made a casual statement, “I can’t believe we are eating dinner with a ni**er”. And when I say casual. I’m not being sarcastic. He said it and we casually went on to eat dinner and his parents never muttered a word. SILENCE. I’m in my 40’s and I remember that moment like it happened 5 minutes ago.

The little brother was younger than me so he was taught that. They weren’t silent teaching him those words but they were silent during what could have been a teaching moment.

If one of my girls so much as calls another person “stupid”. I quickly correct them and interject and try to explain why it isn’t nice to call people stupid. As a parent I do my best to teach my girls right from wrong. And I’m careful not to pass my bad habits on to them.

But even as an adult I’m still traumatized. Because it is everyday. It is the little things that you experience throughout your day, that when you multiply them by days and years, they become a huge burden to carry around. Well for me at least. Especially because as a black woman in a white male dominated job. I have learned the key to survival is to be SILENT.

Thank you for reading Michael. My regards to you and thank you for being an influence in my life everyday. Be well.

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Mike I thought the story you told on your show of yourself getting circled by police with a baton held to you was powerful. The whole Friday show with the guests was a great dialogue. Keep up the good work. No justice, no peace.

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I am sick and tired of seeing the buildings being burned down and people being killed by these so called peaceful protesters. These people are rioters and are murdering people. Where is all the outrage about David Dorn who was murdered by these "peaceful protesters." Or the two cops who were shot in New York city? Or the child who almost got killed because "peaceful protesters" set fire to a house and then blocked the police and fire department? What about all the black businesses that are being burned to the ground? This is outrageous!

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