It is now snowing at quite a clip in NYC. I'm really over it! Like the snow. But ready for spring.

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It does feel like a new world, but I hope the media would ignore these crazies in Congress and not give them the type of coverage they gave Trump. That coverage increased his power. We need to be aware of the crazies, but let's not give them the attention they crave. Life has been so much sweeter without the daily tweets and chaos of the last four years.

Some fun recommendations:

Netflix comedy special - Sebastian Maniscalco: Why Would You Do That? Very funny comedian and mime who does spot on Italian impressions (I know, I'm Italian).

2020 Movie Adaptation of "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society" on Netflix. Stars Lily James. Great story of Nazi occupation of the Guernsey Island and a book club that endures for years.

The Dig - new 2020 Netflix movie about the founding of the Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon treasures. Stars Ralph Fiennes and Lily James . Very interesting.

The new Netflix 2020 adaptation of "Rebecca" with Army Hammer and again Lilly James (she has been busy this past year). Its' nothing like the old black and white movie, but entertaining.

And finally, the new PBS Masterpiece version of "All Things Great and Small" If you love dogs and animals, its so sweet and kind, and delightful.

Hope you have a great weekend. Looking forward to hearing you on Monday.

As you always say, "Don't drink the Kool-aid!


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Love you all.

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I know Biden wanted to be bipartisan which is something Trump never cared about. Obama tried to be bipartisan but got a firm "no" from Mitch on any Democratic legislation. It almost seems like a sick game. Executive orders by Obama -- great! Then Trump reverses them. Then Biden resurrects Obama's executive orders. So nothing is done permanently. This country needs so much: Strong immigration, education and climate change legislation. We badly need our infrastructure updated. Nothing gets done permanently (except tax cuts for Oligarchs). It seems we are a declining empire. Greed and Racism have begun the destruction of democracy.

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Biden and the Democrats are doing great things. But so many questions remain unanswered about the treasonous attempt to subvert the election by the seditious mob storming our Capitol on January 6. Therefore I believe Biden should declare martial law and name the RepubliKKKan Party a domestic terrorist organization.

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I pray the FBI is investigating Flynn and Bannon. I hate the way Flynn makes this a holy war. It’s not Christian or conservative to LIE about the election, about Russian involvement, lies to special counsel or FBI and its not conservative or Christian to fire up an armed mob to try and over throw the government and kill cops or kill anyone. This is not Patriotic. Both these turds should be in jail! Flynn swore an oath to this country!

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On a personal levelI had my second COVID-19 vaccination today. I am relieved that I’ve been vaccinated as I am 68 and have several of the high risk medical conditions. I am remaining just as cautious as my husband is just shy of fifteen years younger than me and he won’t be able to be vaccinated for months. I will do nothing to put his life in danger.

The Biden Administration has accomplished more in two weeks than any president and their team have undertaken since I have been on the planet. I am disgusted by The GOP. How they could allow such depravity to go on unchecked. Fully 1/3 of the public truly believe that Been-A-Dick Donald actually won and the Democrats stole the election. About one in five Republicans support what happened at the Capitol.

The GOP has no spine. Many in office don’t like Trump or his supporters but the fear anger what I call the TRUMPanistas who will support challengers against them in primaries when they run to be elected. There are risks at times to do the right thing. But one has to stand up for principles especially during times of crisis. Most of Republicans in office just sit back silently. Their future political career trumps the well being of our country. I have never been more disappointed in our country. The rest of the world is watching and regaining some of their trust will be extremely difficult . It is highly unlikely we will never be as dominant leader internationally. Respect once lost is nearly impossible to rebuild.

I am thrilled with what Joe Biden has accomplished. I regularly am finding myself if this is really happening. The Democrats need to build their membership in both the Senate and House in the 2022 mid-term election. Typically the party in power loses seats in the mid-term election. We need to stay involved and not be complacent.

I have a number of recommendations on TV programs. I strongly recommend anything on Apple TV+. Apple’s streaming platform has first rate content. I just watched Ted Lasso which is up for a bunch Emmys. It is about an American football coach who takes a job coaching a British football (soccer) team. He knows nothing about soccer. The subject of this comedy is not one that would not normally be of interest but it is so well done that I loved it. I haven’t known anybody who hasn’t raved about how much they have loved the series. Apple also has a series about the history og LGBT folks on TV. I also recommend Defending Jacob, Little America, Mythic Quest and The Morning Show.

On Amazon Prime I strongly recommend The Man in The High Castle is a series set in the U.S. that is based on the idea of life in the United States if the Nazis and Japanese had won WW II. If you are one of the few people who haven’t seen the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel it is a must watch it. It is about a female comedian in New York making it in the 1950s. It is brilliant.

On Netflix The Queens Gambit is phenomenal. It is about a girl becoming the best chess player in the world. It has been a run away hit. Chess isn’t my thing. Doesn’t matter one bit. Elite - also good about the best and most exclusive school in Spain. Loved it. The latest version of Queer Eye is also extremely well done. I assume you have heard of The Crown a dramatic series about Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family. It keeps getting better each season. Bridgerton is another dramatic series about the upper crust in England. We loved this one as has everyone I know who have seen it.

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“Column: How often have tax cuts for the rich trickled down to the rest of us? Never” Oops, can’t seem to get this link to work but it is the title of a column in the LA Times today about an economic study done which definitively proves trickle down does not work. Yes, we all know that but good to have some hard data since most GQP idiots never look at data. Definitely worth a search and read.

In terms of Biden, very happy. I also recall as others have mentioned how Obama tried to work with the GQP on Obamacare and what a joke. They never had any interest except to slow things down and chip away. Thankfully it got passed despite their malevolence because it ultimately saved my life. And when Fake Bone Spurs tried to repeal it I, and many others like me who would have had zero insurance without it, sat on my couch watching CSPAN and holding my breath as my life hung in the balance until McCain gave his famous thumbs down. So I am all for using EOs and budget reconciliation because ultimately the GQP is a bunch of lost do nothings. However I also agree with many who say we have to keep working or we will only have two years of progress.

As far as this weekend, nice here so will walk and then make roasted poblano peppers for dinner, yum. It’s vegetarian Mike. Really good and easy to get all the fresh ingredients in SoCal.

Happiest news: was able to snag a vaccine appointment next week! I go Tuesday for the Pfizer and have to drive an hour each way to get to the mega site but that’s OK. Unfortunately was not able to get one for my husband because we are still suffering with shortages. By the time I did all my paperwork and started his, all appointments gone that fast. Fingers crossed he will get one maybe this next week.

Hope Rick checks in, he’s suffering through minus temps for a week!

I am also stuck like you are M, on stuff to watch so actually been REWATCHING things I liked and for many shows they have been really good the second time. I have Apple+ so restarted Ted Lasso which has been one of my favorites for the past year. Will also take any recommendations! And we will watch SB tomorrow.

Happy New Era Progressives! Our work paid off.


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Hey Michelangelo do your producers have a playlist of your bumper music? Love all the music.

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Hi Mike,

You guys in NYC are getting more snow than we are here in Vermont. That has been a bit of a pattern with these coastal storms. We got a dusting yesterday.

At thai point, I am of the mind that trying to “work with” the GOP with regard to the legislative agenda is basically a waste of time. It has been years since trying to negotiate with them in good faith would produce any substantial results. It is time to work for the people and so, I say press ahead with or without them. All the economists have said we need to “go big” when it comes to stimulus. That was Obama’s biggest mistake in my mind. He tried to compromise with them. Not a good plan.

I think there is so much that was destroyed by the tRump regime that it is a monumental job to try to play “catch up”. So far, it seems the Biden admin is doing a pretty good job of concentrating on more policy and less drama.

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Looks like Richard Shelby will not be running for the US Senate seat in Alabama. So I'm hoping that Doug Jones will run again next year.

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Made an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine in April. Hoping that my workplace will obtain them sooner. Not to mention there is a semiconductor shortage related to this epidemic which is hampering manufacturing as well.

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I hope the democratic members of congress keep pushing and passing legislation. To hell with all these GOPers whining about bipartisanship, unity, deficits or whatever BS they suddenly care about. Frankly I'd wish we'd cut this bloated defense budget and raise the top-tier tax rate to 50% to fund COVID-19 vaccines & relief; along with health care, education, infrastructure repair & maintenance, postal reform, Amtrak, NASA etc. Yeah I know that sounds ambitious, but we need to keep at it so that we won't have to worry about the likes of Joe Manchin or whichever so-called blue dogs are ambivalent about these measures or the filibuster in the future.

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I'm unimpressed but I can say that the deplatforming of trump is nice and has removed a daily triggering that things in the country are not ok. It has been nice to not have to hear trump or read about him daily and I didn't know how nice it would be until it happened. I honestly expect more from our government as in some one who has received no stimulus or UI that maybe I would get $2000 soon but unlikely again but whatever I guess. Not trump is our standard now.

Indictments have raining from the sky for the past month including conspiracy charges for prominent proud boys which could have happened before the 1/6 insurrection.

The only ASUO that I have seen take preemptive action against extremist violence in the past 4 years has been in the EDVA and I have to think that is because they spent time with those of us who are survivors of white supremacist violence, but I would like to see more of this across the country. Why should we wait to prevent this kind of violence when it is projected publicly across all platforms? While also justifying the killing of innocent and unarmed people continually since the founding of our country.

So called liberal dems in this country are a center right party by any international standard in the Democratic world. You also must be made to account because you are the people who won't confront a Marjorie Taylor Greene in your own family for the sake of unity or just not cause discord in your own familial or social settings.

It is time for dems and libs to take responsibility for your role in the rise of fascism in America. If you think you don't have one then you are part of the problem and you are probably a priveledge white person

If you have ever wondered what you would have do at points in history including the holocaust and the civil rights movement against Jim Crowe, it would be what you are doing now. If all you do is vote you are on the sidelines and actually a liability to progress and complicit in the fascist creep that we are currently fighting.

Also do not depend on the actual left to save you again. 2020 was the last time.

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Hi, quick question. Why would Trump still have access to intel briefings? Why would any ex-president have access to those?

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