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At this time of giving thanks, I want to give a huge thanks to Michelangelo for always providing excellent journalism, incisive (and sometimes hilarious) commentary and always encouraging us to engage as a community. On the home front, virus numbers suck here in the Seattle area, and we are having a small T-Day (it usually is anyway). Politically, I have committed myself to being more active instead of every 4 years. I have donated to Georgia and contacted local elected officials to make my voice heard, especially in light of the orange monster trying to stay in power. None of us should think that somehow this will all blow away, or that saner heads will prevail, or that Trump is doing this for some other reason. He has gotten away with crap his entire life, we can't think that he won't again this time. We all have to rise up against him and the GOP however we can. And is must be now. Tomorrow might be too late.

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Only our "pod" of five will gather for Thanksgiving. Weather will be good so we are eating on the back porch and keeping masked up until the food is ready.

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Hi Everybody!!

Im in a deep red state ruled by deep red useless money grubbers ( DeSantis, Scott, Rubio...does that tell you anything ) I am only here because my immediate family lives here, otherwise I would be in blue state pronto... Anyway I am going to my Mom's on Thanksgiving, just 4-5 of us total and we are going to eat outside, distanced, and wear masks if we are in the house. My siblings have kids in school and college so they are all going to do their own things.

As an aside, Michelangelo, I love when Eleanor is on your show on Fridays, but I dont agree with what she said about maybe giving Trump a little credit for fast tracking the virus. He deserves zero credit for doing something any good president should do anyway! And had he listened to science and reacted appropriately in the very beginning ( starting with keeping the pandemic unit!) we may not have gotten this desperate. And like you said, he is not doing Sh*$ to ensure the vaccine will be assimilated widely etc,

Grrrrrrr. I am trying to stay calm and positive but every day I feel my anxiety in waves.

Over the virus, over wondering how the next few weeks will go, how Biden can actually take charge and get the close minded trump minions to see the scientific truth....

In the meantime I am going to find some good vegan recipes online and get some cooking ideas! Will watch the British Baking Show too... does anyone else have a little crush on Paul Hollywood and Noel ??? :)

Anyway, thank you for this forum! Sorry I rambled on so many topics :)

I will be glad to read what other people are doing.

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Just going to the food store later and buying some chicken to make in oven . And possible good news Michael I might be taking in a new puppy soon my 3 third lab

Cocoa and pebbles and possible patches soon

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I have had Covid since the 9th and I have never experienced any sickness like this. For thanksgiving - I definitely am having no one over other than my two daughters who live here. This is scary stuff and it’s not worth any gathering at all. You’re playing with fire right now if you have large gatherings and there’s basically nothing you can do if you get it but wait and see what awful thing is going to happen next. Take care of yourselves!

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Here in Santa Clara County (Silicon Valley) we were a hotspot in March/April. We are now back to the purple tier, which is the most restrictive (although so far they're letting salons stay open on that tier this time). Our hospitals are straining.

Neither of us have family nearby, so Thanksgiving and Xmas will feel almost exactly as they always do, except for not being able to go to a movie on Xmas morning.

We are happy to do our part and continue to keep to ourselves, other than trips to grocery stores. I don't even remember the last time I saw someone unmasked inside a store, so the fact that our numbers are climbing is disconcerting.

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My itty, bitty home town of 600 people (RURAL PA), has had 30 cases, with a population of 600. Since folks thought they were "insulated" from it by isolation, it's gonna cut through like a scythe. It's heart-breaking.

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We are in California and the Coronavirus is rampant. My Husband and I are staying home and preparing a small dinner for two. No family or friends this year. We have been following all of the health guidelines since March. We have been tested 3 times and we are negative. Be safe !

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My husband and I are staying home for Thanksgiving. My two sisters and their husbands are going to get together with a nephew and his girlfriend, six people total from three different households. And some of them work in jobs every day where they have lots of contact with the public. We are invited but as I am immune suppressed we don't feel safe. So we are hoping for the best for them. We are retired and will keep hunkered down until we can get a vaccine. We are trying not to stress too much about tRump's election nonsense but the news from Michigan about the GOP pushing to audit Wayne County votes in Michigan has us wondering what they are up to. Have a good weekend, all.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you, Michael. Like your Mom I usually have a full house of family. I am blessed with three children. In one family there are two cases of Covid (mild symptoms , again thankful) the other two families have young children in quarantine after school exposure so instead I will cook a big turkey and trimmings and deliver . It will keep me busy with less time to worry about the state of affairs in this country even with our joyous election results.

This thanksgiving when we are virtual with our loved ones sharing what we are thankful for you will be on my list. You were a great source of reason and truth.

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I’m on Long Island and have been outside doing yard work and enjoying the warm temps and trying to forget how weary-and angry I am from tRump and his continuing assault on democracy and Covid raging again. My niece just texted me that a huge MAGA parade of trucks with tRump flags passed by her hair salon and people on the streets are cheering. When will this nightmare end!

And I’m angry that Thanksgiving - my favorite holiday and the one that my wife and I host is ruined because of negligence and incompetence. We will not be having anyone join us this year

Have a nice weekend everyone

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Hi Michelangelo, This weekend, as I do most weekends, I am supervising a determined group of high school Speech and Debate students as they compete at online tournaments. It's hectic at times, but then it is silent, unlike in person events when there is a constant hum of teenage voices and laughter. We count ourselves lucky to be able to forge ahead. Here in my town in MA, the high school is going full remote for at least 2 weeks due to a tripling of cases among students and staff - not able to guarantee full staff coverage for those who were still attending in hybrid mode. The contact tracing seems to point to small, casual gatherings at homes as the place of transmission. My husband and I will take in my 90 year old MIL starting tomorrow for at least 6 weeks, so we have closed in our home and our outside activity as much as possible to be safe for her. Not easy to get a test if you don't have symptoms this week, so we will wear masks for at least 10 days and sit apart for meals including Thanksgiving. Our adult children will not return home for either holiday - sacrifice for Nana. Big Zoom meetups planned with various groups of family members during the day on Thanksgiving...praying Zoom can handle the traffic.

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It's been a mild weathered and sunny day here and I'm staying healthy!

I went out grocery shopping and to get take-out food and the small neighborhood restaurant was packed!

I'm so used to the pandemic now and have used the down time to do some mild renovation on my urban condo.

I'm getting sick of Trump whining about the election every day and am amazed he still thinks he can flip the election with his ongoing coup attempts that are failing. Progress and MSNBC keep me sane during the week but on the weekends I read and watch HGTV or films.

My neighborhood library has been closed since March but they are planning on doing a take-out book service to the car it appears soon. Life is good now as I have survived four years of political hell and it won't be long until Biden-Harris are in office! So glad you and David are staying in so you will stay healthy!

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I wrote last weekend that here in SoCal will be doing an all outside Thanksgiving with my spouse and one other couple. Doing 90% of cooking outside, all disposable plates, glasses, paper placemats, everything. I feel bad about pollution but it’s only once. We have two patio tables spaced 10-20 feet apart. I am making mini individual pies so no serving needs to be done even with pie. Even have wipes, paper towels and sanitizer in the bathroom. Will start early since even here can get chilly but have a small patio heater and fire pit for when the sun goes down. We’ve also all agreed to stay home for this week before. I now know 8 people in various parts of the country who have had it or currently have it. Just waiting for vaccine.

Also agree with the statement that you and your show, and our “family” here are in the list of things to be thankful for this year. We only have a little over two weeks until December 8! Hopefully Fake Bone Spurs will head to MAL soon and we don’t have to hear from him again. He isn’t doing anything right now anyway. One has to wonder what is going through Pence’s head now, LOL!!! Anyway have a good week folks.

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Rather than a very large gathering this year my wife and I are going to our daughter and son’s home for Thanksgiving. But I’m not nearly as worried about that as I am Trump the thief stealing the damned election. Of course he thinks he’s won and he’s relentless and determined. What if he pulls this off after all? Then what? All the hard work we’ve done to put Joe in there will have been in vain. The scares living shit out of me. It’s quite depressing and will be a sure damper over the holidays.

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I'm in the Los Angeles area and we have started curfews again today, which will affect mostly restaurants and no large indoor gatherings with people from multiple households. I just got home from getting the final work done on my new ink at a private 1-1 tattoo studio, and I will be hanging out at home for most of the rest of weekend, aside from going out for groceries tomorrow.

None of my family are traveling for the holidays. Most of us are aware how serious this is. Our parents are still alive and in fragile health, Dad-94 & Mom-89. We are not willing to put them or anyone else at risk. I might meet a friend for some socially distanced coffee or a walk on Thursday or Friday, but staying home otherwise.

Take Care everyone! Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D!

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