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My non-hubby and I are spending Christmas at home, just the 2 of us. He has always been a homebody; I’m the opposite although my creative artist side has been perfectly happy staying put since the pandemic. I suspect my brother will roll the dice again re Covid exposure and go to Christmas family dinner with his ex-wife’s family.

Trump is really going beyond scraping the bottom of the barrel with Sidney Powell. Not surprised. And the GOP needs to stop the pretense of being shocked about the Russian hacking. They enabled it.

Michelangelo, I wish you and your husband a safe and joyous holiday. Thank you for helping all of us get through this horrific year. You definitely kept me from falling off the cliff. Looking forward to spending 2021 with you!

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My concern is not tRump's wild fantasies, but the reaction by his cult followers. tRump is "stoking" up the planned protest on Jan 6th & giving his dog whistle imprimatur for that protest.....and that is gaining momentum amongst his "crazies". The statement by the self confessed criminal Flynn of military intervention will be "interpreted" by tRump followers like Proud Boys, QAnon, and the other white "terrorists" as their cue to be tRump's de facto "military" substitute led by the disgraced General Flynn. Pence is not leaving the country for nothing, he will be very aware of what will eventuate & intends to escape the aftermath kerfuffle that will ensue. The Disgraced Repugnants should come out of hiding and put a stop to this "crazy talk" military intervention leading to obvious violence by these domestic terrorists. I won't hold my breathe but it will be on the Repugnants leadership when things turn ugly.

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I can't believe you're not gonna have a gassy award this year. Because Rudy Giuliani would be a shoe-in! You don't even need special effects--just use the audio from his circus show in front of the Michigan House Oversight Committee.

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I've had three glasses of white wine as I cook my spaghetti sauce this PM.

We will greatly miss you next week while you're on vacation but you deserve it. As usual, I think we're all feeling concerned about Trump's mental health decline in his last days.

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Donald Trump, as a desperate sociopath is more dangerous than ever as he goes out the door. He, I assume, would be perfectly willing to take us down along with him. Vigilance is in order. I am not so sure the military would be willing to go along with the idea of martial law.

We got hit with an INSANE snowstorm. I ski raced and have lived in New England my entire life and I have never seen so much snow fall in one storm. 44 inches Thursday.

I had the first shot in the Pfizer series on Wednesday and have had zero side effects. I was afraid I might get a sore arm with all the snow shovelling, but not so far.

Waiting for some takeout and then heading home to work on my Christmas baking.

Thanks Mike for what you do!

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Hi Mike and Signorile Fam, well in SoCal it is about as bad as it can get with coronavirus. So we are staying close. Baking bread and making wild rice casserole for dinner. Did walk my 3 miles around the park today and pleased to say everyone was wearing their masks though didn’t pass too many others. People also give a wide berth.

In terms of Fake Bone Spurs he doesn’t stand a chance on any martial law bullshit, the military will NOT support him. But this is all extremely alarming because he’s lost his mind. The Russian hack is very scary. I think you, Mike, and many of your listeners have all said that we are going to find out that Trump’s doings while in office are much worse than anyone thinks. Pence’s political career is over as he will be carrying his support of this guy around like an albatross forever. It’s quite discouraging that the Cabinet never got to the 25th Amendment. And what is really weird is that his kids think this type of behavior is normal/ok.

32 days, everyone is just trying to hang on. Do any little or big thing to get Warnock and Ossoff elected. Another thing that might happen if we have a Dem majority in Congress is some new laws similar to post-Watergate. We can’t have an unfit grifter as President ever again.

Anyway enjoy your snow, we’ll enjoy our sun here! 😎

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Trumper Covid-denying relatives invited me for Christmas but I'm staying in and having a Zoom Christmas with my best friend. In six months I hope this will all be over.

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It is time for any advisors or anybody else advising Trump to overturn the election be charged with sedition (especially anybody who took an oath to preserve and protect the constitution). Trump is not behaving rationally and it is also time for the 25th Amendment to be exercised. It is also time for any Republicans who care at all about country before party (if there are any such folks still left in the GOP) to strongly denounce publicly what is going on. The United States is on the verge of a major catastrophe and it is not being addressed by those who can actually do something about it!

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From my perspective, it's clear that Putin is toying with Trump. He's making it crystal clear that he has Trump by the crosshairs, and Trump is terrified of saying or doing anything to cross him. This is far more than simple admiration for a dictator and disdain for democracy. Putin has made an unmistakable statement, making GOP Senators look like comical stooges - with ever-more flailing efforts to justify their absurdity, and pushing Trump to ever-greater levels of madness trying to escape the spotlight of treason. Putin will continue to twist the knife because 'why not'. The United States looks like a hapless, helpless, leaderless ship of fools. The farce that is the Senate is exceeded only by the farce that is the House. The moral and intellectual rot of our government and half our populace is laid bare for the world and history to jeer. America grows more irrelevant and clownish every day. The media, who have dumbed down their coverage for 5 years are panicking, but it's way too late...they have helped to enable the hellscape that their children will be inhering. The pundits can continue the pretense, but unless there is a drumbeat of honesty by Democratic leaders, a brutally honest reckoning of the clear and present danger that we face, Covid-19 will outlast democracy.

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So Proud Boys are continuing to organize disturbances in DC including one in the next 2 days at BLM plaza and also on Jan 6, for the vote on the electoral college vote and then on Jan 20 to infiltrate in Biden gear and cause violence during inauguration day. They are doing this organizing openly on any social media that will still have them but heavily on Parler and also on a YouTube channel run by Joe Biggs.

What worries me the most is white liberals are not understanding that these events are much more important to show up to than coming to dance in the street on the Saturday that Biden's election was called. These groups will keep coming back until they are scared and humiliated to do so.

This does not require showing up to fight or engage in violence, it only requires numbers. That is bodies showing up to be counted in the streets. If numbers showed up in the numbers to celebrate Biden's win or god forbid numbers like the first women's march, they would not keep coming back because it would be clear they are not welcome and if their inferior number of participants try to do violence in that context, it will be obvious who is committing crimes and it would force the hand of police and mayor Bowser to do the right thing and stop obscuring the criminality of this gang with BLM protesters.

On August 12, 2018 I was so proud of our city that showed up in record numbers to oppose a small number of white supremacists who wanted to have an anniversary of the car terror attack that killed Heather Heyer and injured many of my friends. We cannot be complacent at this time. These are fascists trying to take public space and anyone against that who can sbow up to oppose it should. If you can show up to victory parties them you should show up to be counted on fights that don't need to be fights.

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Didn't want to spoil today's thread on Thanksgiving, Michelangelo, so coming back to this one to make my comment.

Just listened to Thursday's show via On Demand and, specifically, regarding Michael Tomasky: I think he's had his day and it's time to stop having him on the show. He used to be great but now comes across as a spoiled and overly erudite Washingtonian. He was making so many elitist assumptions about the election, about the electorate, about Biden and what's coming up in the new Administration. I imagined you cringing in your home studio, but you kept your cool and was respectful. I, however, was getting red in the face with what he was saying and how he was saying it. Michelangelo, there are so many other great journalists out there — we don't need the pessimistic, overly assuming, speaking-out-of-his-ass Tomasky anymore.

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BTW Mike, thanks, trolls just want attention. I also like the idea of a food thread and can’t wait for the Angels/Turkeys show this week!

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What the hell is going on with Sidney Powell's voice? Usually it's not until a person's in their 80's when they're voice goes like that.

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#FORCE THE VOTE, a campaign by internet comedian and political commentator JIMMY DORE to PRESSURE THE TEN PROGRESSIVE IN THE HOUSE TO



That's right. after having to vote for segregationist prison guard Joe and cop Kamela, the people who fucking ELECTED them are pressuring THE SQUAD PLUS SIX to play hardball politics 101...


>>>>>you GET something when you GIVE something.

Everything is TRANSACTIONAL in this capitalist economy anyway EXCEPT FOR PROGRESSIVES IN CONGRESS!

SIGN THE PETITION! #FORCETHEVOTE at https://forcethevote.org/

Over and out...

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It is clear that Trump's threat of a veto of the NDAA and all the press whining that it would be the first time in six decades means some sacred cows hated by John F. Kennedy like the CIA and generally used-to-be-hated by LIB-RALS are fixing to get gored. This is to goad Trumpinto NOT VETOING the NDAA honeypot, wait and see.

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