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trump is supposed to be a master negotiator, yet he's not in the room, nor participating in these negotiations. Sits on his gold throne and makes demands. Not only are these EOs illegal, they are a nightmare for companies and employees to wade through. Aside from being extremely angry at this administration, I am tending to my monarch caterpillars. It's helping me keep my sanity. Being outside helps immensely. As long as I don't run into any trump supporters, lol.

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tRump the coward & failure is slowing self-immolating and journalists,even some GOPs are finally standing up to him, and that he can’t deal with.

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The secret has been found. Have a female reporter call out a lie and he will turn tail and run

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The man is signing orders like a child who is playing King of the peasants. What an ass! I think more reporters need to really wind him up and challenge everything he says because the man is the weakest person on the planet. Especially when women challenge him. It’s funny to watch. He runs away and probably whines to his aides why don’t people like me, as he did at the press briefing a couple of weeks ago.

As an African American we are all looking forward to voting King Cheez-It out of office and no we will NOT be voting for Kanye West. Must have been another brilliant idea from Cheeze-lette Ivanka. These GOP dinosaurs are just utter imbeciles.

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Well, after all this tomfoolery by him and his clan, it would be a major blow to his fragile childlike ego that it is all for naught. Register, register, vote, vote, act, act.

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Great article/opinion in USA Today from group Ohio Republicans against Trump. Another group who voted for him and are now actively seeking to unseat him. Gives me hope. Love that the Obamas are speaking out, and that Michelle talked about how she has suffered as many of us have at the chaos and idiocy of the Trump presidency. Really appalled at the post office situation. Throughout my life I have learned with some people and things just to stop caring as a substitute for feeling hate—but I just can’t stop hating the Trump administration. Looking forward to being able to let all that go in 86 days. Buddhist proverb: holding onto anger is like picking up a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else. Right now my hands are burned from the anger at Trump and the GOP but hopeful that we will get past this soon.

Great shows this week.

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I am reading the book

The journalist of Castro street

The life of randy shilts

Michael you are prominently in the book

It seems you and randy sparred on many topics

Your shows were great this week

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