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So, clearly, this guy is nuts. But that is not my interest right now -- I am off on a tangent again.

My focus is his appearance. He looks ugly.

I mean, Michael, I see your face on your web pages, and you appear to me to be a man who, while angry at injustice, is basically a good and happy man. I like your smile.

But I see this man, Lindell, and I only see ugliness. I wonder sometimes, if the left leaning media pre-selects images in which certain people come off ugly. But I did a search and found every single image of this man to be ugly. Then I have to wonder if *I* see ugliness because I KNOW his hate. But that does not seem to work.

What is it, about these people on the right, that I see ugliness on their faces alone. Sometimes, I wonder if there is an objective sense of goodness and that evil eventually shows up on the face. Even the pictures where he is smiling, seem ugly -- he does not KNOW how to smile from happiness.

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