Good Morning Michelangelo, I am not sure if you and your readers are aware of the fact that the AG of AZ, who is running for Senate, decided last evening to enforce the Territorial law concerning abortions… the law dates to 1864, WTF? This is where our country is headed sadly, but this is the goal of the GQP… nullify federal law, States rights should be preemptive over federal law, settled federal law. As Ruth Ben Ghiat continues to explain restricting rights of women and voter suppression go hand in hand in all fascist regimes. Keep swinging that hammer on these fascists who wish to bring our country back to 1864…and thanks for all you do.

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I’m worried sick about what is happening, and what will happen in the future. I’m sick of Democratic leaders cowering to these extreme Republicans. I’m sick of Republicans passing legislation that completely invades an individual’s privacy, yet screams anti government when it comes to restrictions on guns, the environment and big corporations. The Republican Party has a choke hold on this country and it doesn’t look like that will change.

In spite of the 1/6 hearings, people are still talking about Trump running AND winning in 2024. WTF is that about. New York State just gave him a pass, will the DOJ do the same?

Amazing the few Women ( younger generation) that voted for Trump and are now yelling, how dare they take my rights away, like DUHHH why weren’t you paying attention!!

Sometimes I just wish I didn’t care so much and I could go on living my life with blinders on.

Happy 4th of July everyone.

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Michaelangelo, I now believe that the trigger that will result in the fall of the United States as a “united” country will be the actions of a renegade, rogue, radical and malignant Supreme Court. We now find that we have a tumor in the body politic that we are enjoined from any ability to correct. It’s like a surgeon telling you that you have a cancer that will be deadly if not removed, the only problem being that the hospital rules as written over 200 years ago forbid its removal. The New Confederate and Christo-fascist Sharia states will henceforth have a means to continue to jam down the throats of the majority evil, retrograde and destructive laws and rulings that are out of step with most of this country. This can continue even if Democrats win back both houses of Congress and the presidency, since the kangaroo, aristocratic Supreme Court is unfettered and without limits.

Here is why I believe it will accelerate and incite the destruction of this country. The majority, those who believe in a woman’s right to choose, LGBTQ rights, the ability of the administrative state to protect average Americans by acting as a brake on the worst impulses of Wall Street and Corporate America, etc., will only take this so long. When we stop believing that marches, signs and letters to the editor have any impact or presence – while our anger, frustration and desperation remain – I believe “resistance” will take on an entirely new form and character. The majority will not back down forever. And when the rightwing in its various forms – from armed deplorables to a fascist government in waiting – responds with violence, ultimately so will the targets of their violence, in ever more impactful and organized forms. It will not be pretty, but it will be predictable. When you are in a fight for your life, all is fair.

Personally, I take a very dark view. I believe that the America we have known is nearly over and we are in the opening act of a new, political dark age. Thanks to the structural mistakes our vaunted “founders” built into the Constitution – the Electoral College and lifetime SCOTUS appointments being the most notable – this outcome was inevitable. Buckle up.

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Ban the Supreme Court

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Living in Texas, I have a co-worker who just told me he found a job he could do remotely so he can leave the state if things progress as they appear to be doing right now. How many others are facing this same decision, to upend their lives so they can safely live without interference from the government. I know saying "vote" seems weak with what actual people are facing, but I won't give up hope and I will continue to fight to change the landscape here in Texas, and across this country. Too many are at risk already and without change the future is bleak for most of us.

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I'm confused(not really): if it's "gay sex" when performed by consenting gay adults, whats it called when same act is performed by consenting straight adults?

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I agree we should be worried, even though none of the other justices signed Thomas's concurrence in Dobbs and both Alito and Kavanaugh claimed that Dobbs was only about abortion. I would pay attention to the joint dissent of Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan.

On the other hand, I think it is possible that if Texas tried to enforce the unconstitutional "Homosexual Conduct Law," there is a strong argument that it would violate Equal Protection (as Justice O'Connor wrote in her opinion concurring in the judgment in Lawrence), since it specifically targeted gay people, so Paxton might lose that case on equal protection grounds. And even a Republican Texas legislature is unlikely to enact a new statute banning anal or oral sex for EVERYBODY. (But who knows?)

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as a 75 year old gay man I will not be celebrating July 4th ever again. With this Supreme Court appointed by an illegitimate president. With all these radical rulings coming down in the last weeks and with this amoral man appointing them I am done with the Fourth. These last three Justices are also illegitimate as they are all fruit of the poisonous tree. Now with sodomy laws, gay marriage and contraception all in the sights of Clarence Thomas who is married to an insurrectionist who is white. But Clarence does not mention Loving v Virginia in his concurring abortion decision. I guess he believes a set of laws for him and damn the rest of us. I have lived through two plagues and the five criminal republican presidents who lied is into three wars. I am done with honoring this country that has no love for me.

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Found this gem from Dire Straits to describe the Greedy Old Pederasts party and the lawless Supremacy Court:

I have legalized robbery

Called it belief

I have run with the money

I have a-hid like a thief

Re-written history

With my armies and my crooks

Invented memories

I did burn all the books

Who did not see this coming? With a shredded reputation the court will run roughshod over rights period. Who's gonna stop them? Apathy and Disinterest got us here and now we gotta fight back with one hand tied behind our backs. I joined Florida's Democratic Party to canvass via the phone bank but was disheartened after an hour because it felt too little too late. I'll keep the faith but the North of Florida seems disconnected from both Central and South Florida...

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So many are threatening to leave these states and I wonder if that is one of the agendas.

Texas is now a purple state and poised to go blue.

If more people leave due to bans on abortion and gay marriage, that will ensure Texas remains red.

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The GOP is now the Fascist party and the Democrats are Republican Lite. We must kick our Democratic leaders in the pants and tell them why we voted for them. They are passive in the face of a criminal opposition.

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A question to ask the “REPUGNANT’S” gay arm, the Log Cabin members…” What happen to your so called influence now?”.

The onslaught of anti same sex laws will expose these Log Cabin “Repugnants “ for what they are… useless & irrelevant . Perhaps this GOP “faction” will disappear into political oblivion, we can only hope .

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Not only is there 'no right to privacy' in the Constitution: you won't find gays mentioned at all.

I presume this means that none of it applies to us.

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Texas doesn't need to pass any new laws! Already on the books is Tex. Penal Code Sec. 21.06 that outlaws intercourse between same-sex individuals. This law, which Lawrence overturned - IS STILL ON THE BOOKS! I have worked with the LGBT Law Section of the State Bar of Texas to try to get this law off the books every legislative session since Lawrence - and the Texas legislature has refused to remove it. So - once Lawrence gets overturned - every gay person in Texas immediately becomes subject to arrest. I keep trying to warn people - and no one wants to believe it. But it is coming like a freight train down the tracks!

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