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The Republicans start a narrative, the Media runs with it, and runs with it. The media asks what do you say to those who say Biden is too old? When it is the Republicans and the Media who started this narrative. Then, sure enough, here come the Ezra Kleins saying Biden should step down. Why is it that these types of "progressives" or "Democrats" pick up on the REPUBLICAN and MEDIA premise and then assert it as fact. Personally, I don't think we need to "address" that Biden is old. We ALL know his age, but rather let's go with OUR premise that Biden's wisdom, experience and level headedness is his strength. Or, I don't know another premise that is not defending that he is too old. I am not a paid consultant but surely they can come up with something better than just pushing this asinine narrative. We never win when we take the other side's premise and then try to defend it. I really like Greg Sargent but even he had an operative on his podcast talking about how Biden's age is a real issue. Guess what? It is going to continue to be an issue if you keep focussing on it like it's some kind of terrible thing. They catastrophize Biden's age. It's absolutely ludicrous given Trump's age and well, you know, it's Trump for God's sake. pffft!

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