James Talarico is a star, his cool composure under fire, his grasp of the facts and his vision for our country are a winning combination. And handsome, to boot! The Texas Democrats who fled their state, at great personal sacrifice, to break the quorum and bring attention to this issue are all heroes. Even though I am a senior citizen on a fixed income I sent them money on Rep. Trey Martinez Fisher's Twitter page to help them cover their travel expenses because, as you said, Michelangelo, this IS the end game. @TMFtx

We must do what we have to do to defend our democracy. We cannot let the Texas State Representatives be arrested by the corrupt and autocratic governor or Texas. We cannot let The Big Lie win.

So we must not let the filibuster stand in the way of progress and equality. If the two voting rights bills, S1 and S4 do not pass the US Senate via breaking the filibuster, it will be the time for Democrats and freedom loving people around the nation to march to the US Capitol and demand entrance, just like those Trumpkins did on January 6, and further demand that our voices be heard.

I am sorry to say that we cannot let democracy die by practicing non-violence. This is another defining moment in our history. Reading Ezra Klein's column in the NY Times today about climate change and the lack of substantive rebellion by the activists themselves opened my eyes, which have not exactly been closed since January 6, 2021. A quote from the article linked below:

"There was no peaceful American Revolution. There were riots and rifles woven into the civil rights movement."


It is time for the Democrats and those who cherish their rights and their liberty to rise up and march to the Texas state capital and all the state capitals around the country that are passing restrictive voter suppression bills. The time to act is now. The time to organize is now. We cannot let our democracy die because it was raped and pillaged by Trump for four years and continues to be raped and pillaged every day by the corrupt GOP spreading The Big Lie. The filibuster and The Big Lie have got to go and we must get rid of them by any means necessary.

To paraphrase an old slogan I used to chant in the streets of NYC, inspired by you and countless other heroes of another era: "Act Up! Fight Back! Fight Voter Suppression!"

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A superb interview segment Michelangelo, now if only all democrats in congress come to understand the urgency as we do. This slow walking at this time is maddening.

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We need a dynamic Democratic party leader. It seems they are all talk and no action.

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i agree michael. they are doing zero.

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