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There's a world of difference between fomenting an armed insurrection to overthrow an election and bakers who refuse cakes to gay couples. People in foreign countries are asking why Trump and associates are not in jail. I'm asking, too, but that's a separate case. I disagree with Bernie Sanders. Trump should be permanently banned just for his role in inciting Jan 6th. Anyone else would be, and if Bernie thought it over he might realize he's doing the same thing that unfortunate DOJ memo does: treating a president as one who is above the law. Anyone else who did what he did would be banned and have the Secret Service and FBI on his doorstep asap. That would be justified.

It's amazing how blind religious fanatics are and how stupid the baker analogy is. The bakers presumably bake cakes for second marriages, when the first was broken up by adultery, but that's ok. They don't ask if birthday cakes are being made for adulterers, fornicators, thieves or people who break the Sabbath. So their argument about not serving LGBT people is the same old hypocritical bigoted bullshit hiding behind "religion" and I don't buy it. Serving the public means serving the public, no exemptions for hate.

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Thank you for clarifying this issue exactly right. Play by the same rules. If you don't (Trump on Twitter), you're out. And the rules are not based on someone's version of Christianity. That would make us a Christian theocracy, which we thankfully are not! Yet.

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Freedom of speech protects the right of individuals and groups to express their opinions. It isn’t an absolute right and there can be consequences to what they say. One cannot scream “fire” in a dark crowded theater knowing full well that there is no fire. A person making such a statement will be held responsible for the resulting mayhem. Limitations or boundaries to free speech may be based upon libel, slander, obscenity, pornography, sedition, incitement, copyright infringement, public safety, etc.

Donald Trump was given leeway while he was president as cutting off presidential access to sharing information and opinions would not be desirable. However, like the person screaming “fire” in the theater, there are consequences to such statements. Trump’s statements about winning the 2020 election were out and out lies. His statements egging on protesters to take over the Capitol were seditious and were in part responsible for the deaths of several people and the interruption of Congress doing its work.

It is likely that Twitter did complain when Trump broke rules while president. Once he left office they felt an obligation to hold him responsible and decided to ban his use of their service. If Twitter didn’t hold Trump accountable for breaking their rules what argument would they have in holding the other nearly 200 million daily Twitter users accountable if they broke rules?

Banning Trump from using Twitter for life is a reasonable response for Trump’s seditious comments and the resulting riot at the capitol just as a theater baring a person from the theater for life who screamed fire. Twitter is well aware of Trump’s endless lies and it is obvious that he will not change his misuse of their service. Trump is likely to face legal consequences for his actions after his loss in the November election for the mayhem he caused and supported on election day as well as attempting to have the electoral results illegally overturned.

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This is the world according to Jack and ALL Trumpers: 1) The Constitution is the God-given and written law; all other laws and lawful rights are illegitimate. 2) The 1964, 1968, and 1991 Civil Rights Acts are things I've never read nor cared about because "Civil Rights" means reverse discrimination on white people. 3) Companies and Businesses that implement Rules of Conduct that I don't like are unconstitutional. 4) Trump is as innocent as a lamb.

These assholes will NEVER CHANGE. Start getting you heads wrapped around that.

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looks like Magical granpa is doin what he can to get the vote of the 'economic anxiety' trump supporters....

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Ciao Commendatore!

Feel the Bern! He was my first choice but he's wrong on this count. Dorsey was correct in permanently banning rump from his social nutworks. Hair Twitler is a fucking psychopath; a blithering asshole with dual exhausts [piehole and a-hole] spewing absolute shite in every direction. Send that overstuffed mannequin to me and I'll shove a baker's dozen worth of plastic cannolis' up his trump sideways! Of course, with his cast iron "constitution" [as close as this dotard will ever get to the real thing] he'd most probably digest, assimilate and excrete a miniature stronzo in his exact likeness just to piss off the proctologists!!! A perfect little bobble headed Orange Julius.

Seriously though, he [rump] can't control his vocal vomitus. Forget the last 5 years, this cretin has been insulting the free world his whole worthless life!

The baker in this case is either in business for all or he gets sued for discrimination and shut down

No shirt, no shoes, no masks=NO SERVICE, is fair dinkum for any merchant that is not expressly singling out potential customers based on race, creed, color, national origin, religion or sexual orientation!

Jack is not alone in his inability to see the forest for the trees because the GOPIGS have clear cut Mother Nature's bush like a Brazilian wax leaving no stone unturned in the "post truth" world they're obsessed with shoving down our throats! Most people are inherently devoid of simple common sense, logic or reasoning. It then goes without saying; without callers like Jack, you'd be out of business protecting your flock from felonious grifters!

Who then to lead the "Slay-ride"? There can be only one magnificent maestro of 'Mike'rophonology!

You're the best........fuck the rest!

Boom Boom

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Trump incited violence against our people and tried to overthrow the government on Jan. 6. He should be banned from everything but prison. He's a traitor.

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