Mar 30, 2021 • 6M

Caller says baker turning away gays is no different from Twitter banning Trump

Jack in Minnesota said "we liberals" are not being "consistent"

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In a discussion on my SiriusXM show about Senator Bernie Sanders stating in an interview that he wasn’t “comfortable” with Twitter banning Donald Trump indefinitely, a Sanders supporter called in and said he loves Bernie but joked that he’s “not all there” if he really thinks Trump should be allowed back on Twitter.

I told the caller that I agreed that Sanders was wrong to suggest that maybe Twitter should allow Trump back, and that I feel totally comfortable about banning Trump permanently. Another caller, Jack in Minnesota, then called in to disagree with the previous caller and with me.

I’m not sure if Jack was secretly a conservative or truly a “liberal,” as he identified, as he said we weren’t being consistent by protesting a baker turning away a gay couple but not Twitter banning Trump. But he just couldn’t grasp my point, as you’ll hear: Trump broke the rules of Twitter — over and over — while gays who want a cake baked aren’t breaking any rules in the shop. Both Twitter and the bakery are public accommodations that must treat all groups, and all people, equally. Trump actually was being given special treatment, because others have been tossed off Twitter for breaking the rules Trump broke almost every day.

A gay couple such as the those in cases we’ve seen in the news in recent years is turned away from a bakery, however, simply because they are gay and want a cake for their wedding — before even talking with the baker about what kind of cake or what it should say. They’re being singled out for who they are, not for breaking rules — such as walking into the shop barefoot.

I think this is pretty clear-cut. Trump inspired an insurrection, and promotes hate and violence against groups. Trump has free speech and can exercise it whenever he wants — including by having a rally — but Twitter has no obligation to give him a platform.

Anyway, what do you all think? Listen in and let me know your thoughts!