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MAGA man says the world wasn't "on fire" under Trump

MAGA man says the world wasn't "on fire" under Trump

Billy from Oklahoma seemed to forget the geopolitical chaos Trump unleashed, not to mention a global pandemic that led to the deaths of millions, which Trump mismanaged.

What would a Friday be without a little bit of MAGA idiocy to laugh at?

While discussing the war in Ukraine, Billy from Oklahoma called my SiriusXM program to say the world wasn’t “on fire” under “45.”


Of course, the world is always “on fire,” as it’s a complicated planet with many conflicts, some of which get little attention. So the statement itself is just plain dumb.

I seem to remember a once-in-a-century global pandemic, however, that became a raging inferno for the world, one that included massive lockdowns, a disruption of trade, horrible losses of life, and terrible economic decline—all of which Donald Trump mismanaged.

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We all remember Kim Jong Un firing missiles even after Trump’s love letter to him.

And we can’t forget how Trump attacked NATO, trying to break up the coalition. There was also the botched Yemen raid early on—Trump’s first military action, which cost the lives of a Navy Seal and civilians—and the continued war in Afghanistan, which ground on and cost many American lives.

Trump only decided to move on ending the war weeks before he left office, in what appeared to be an attempt at sabotaging President Biden (who promised in his campaign to end the war) by withdrawing troops too quickly—and Trump was intent on then inviting the Taliban to Camp David.

There was so much more. And of course, as I mainly focused on with Billy, there was Trump’s embrace of Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who would become emboldened to go on to invade Ukraine.

Have a good weekend. And listen in and let me know your thoughts!