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MAGA man reveals the fact that many in the GOP know Trump is weak

MAGA man reveals the fact that many in the GOP know Trump is weak

Patrick from Massachusetts insisted Nikki Haley should get out of the race. But he couldn't explain why he's so afraid of her.

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It’s Friday, dear readers, always a fun day to look at the twisted logic of MAGA—and also how they often reveal their worst fears when they call into my SiriusXM program!

Patrick from Cape Cod called in as I was discussing Nikki Haley verbally wiping the floor with Donald Trump in recent days.

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First, he tried to hit me with hypocrisy for holding up Haley. But I had already explained that I believe Haley is as bad as the rest of them but is very useful—certainly to Joe Biden—right now.

And that simply gets to the fact that Trump is weak. Patrick couldn’t grapple with that, as he insisted that Haley drop out but couldn’t explain why it was so critical for her to do so.

I haven’t called on Maryann Williamson or Dean Phillips to drop out, after all. Let them stay in until the end. Same with Haley—unless, of course, she’s a threat to your candidate!

This was a funny call, but it also showed how scared they are of Haley because she’s exposing how weak Trump is. (One correction: I meant at the end that Trump lost Iowa and then came back and “won” New Hampshire and South Carolina—not lost, just jumbled my words—meaning to underscore that he didn’t drop early either, even though he lost the first state.)

Listen in, and let me know your thoughts!