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MAGA man claims Biden is "senile," then forgets Trump only served one term!

MAGA man claims Biden is "senile," then forgets Trump only served one term!

Robert from Massachusetts couldn't legitimately point to any policy decision that reflected a leader in mental decline. But he was sure slow on the uptake on this call.

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Time for another dose of the MAGA mania I sometimes experience on my SiriusXM program when Trumpers call in. Not sure why they listen, but they’re always pretty feeble, even though I’m happy to have a normal conversation.

Just a warning that this one is a bit loud and full of F bombs. It’s hard for that not to happen with MAGA!

Robert from Massachusetts called in during a discussion about the nauseating media saturation coverage of President Biden’s age after Special Counsel Robert Hur’s political hit job.

And yes, I went really hard at him.

That was partly due to strategy: I wanted to put Robert under the pressure that politicians and policy figures are under to see if he made a flub.

And boy did he, when he told me about what Donald Trump did—or wasn’t able to do—in his second term.

Except Donald Trump didn’t have a second term.

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Robert hemmed and hawed but never could come up with anything as I pressed him for one example of a policy decision on the part of Biden that reflected mental decline.

His latching on at the outset to the pullout from Afghanistan was ludicrous, since it was a brave thing for Biden to do—supported by the vast majority of Americans—and it was something Trump promised to do himself.

In fact, Trump began the pullout recklessly in his last weeks in office, attempting to sabotage Biden, and making it that much more difficult.

Robert was also slow on the uptake in responding, as I noted to him, and made a fool of himself.

I know there are those who will think I’m too tough on people like this. But I’m not going to put up with idiotic logic.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts!