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Florida man says Biden wasted money on IRS enforcement, could have gone to "crime"

Florida man says Biden wasted money on IRS enforcement, could have gone to "crime"

MAGA guy didn't seem to know that crime is down, murders at a record low, and the IRS is collecting big from millionaire tax cheats. GOP talking points are collapsing.

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On my SiriusXM program, I discussed an astounding report from the IRS: it has already collected $520 million from millionaire tax cheats, using money for tax enforcement allocated from the Inflation Reduction Act, which Republicans have been intent on cutting.

Michael from Florida called in to say, “I am skeptical about numbers coming from the IRS” and that he'd like to see a “spreadsheet.”

This was pretty rich because Donald Trump makes a zillion false claims and no one in MAGA asks for a “spreadsheet.” And the information came from data that was audited and checked inside the IRS and via the IRS commissioner, who was confirmed by both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate.

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Then Florida man said that with what’s happening in “cities with crime,” the money would be better spent on “beat cops.” When I explained that crime is down dramatically and murders are at a low not seen in decades—with the largest one-year drop in history from 2022 to 2023—he went into his grab bag and pulled out, “Then why are businesses and companies pulling out of buildings in downtown Chicago?”

I had to educate him on the ludicrousness of that too. Many businesses are shrinking their office space in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic as more employees are working from home, while office buildings are now being converted into residences.

This was a textbook example of how the MAGA arguments are crumbling beneath their feet, as the economy surges and consumers are now saying they feel it, and as crime is way down. Not to mention the hypocrisy of trying to halt money for the IRS that is bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars. They’re scrambling, and calls to my show like this help to clarify that.

Listen in, and let me know your thoughts!