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Michelangelo you did an excellent job countering this person's false narrative. I'm not sure where he is getting is info on the "7 groups" in Charlottesville but there were at least 7 and then many of the white supremacists that have been convicted of crimes from A11 and A12 were not with established groups those days, just inspired and invited by them to participate online. James Fields seems to be a loner from Ohio who marched with Patriot Front that day with others who have been convicted of terrorist activities but there is no evidence that they were associated with him before that day. Even the neo Nazis (3 of them) who testified at his trial said they only met him that day.

Also leading up to the 1/6 insurrection, Kyle Chapman aka based stick man, a multiple convicted felon, denounced the leader of the Proud Boys, Henri (Enrique) Tarrio calling him a token n*gro and later straight up calling him the n word. Since 1/6 as it has come to light that Tarrio is a long time FBI informant, Gavin Mcguines has also denounced Tarrio and seems to be resuming leadership in the group.

These people are playing a shell game trying to gaslight everyone as to who is what and what role they are playing. Facts are the Proud Boys are a neo fascist group who despite having non white members are aligned with hardcore white supremacists.

Facts also are the same individuals and groups including Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and IIIer's were present in Charlottesville on A11 and A12 and at the capitol insurrection on 1/6.

Thank you for doing a coherent takedown of this bad faith caller trying to sow disinformation. Watching the hearings so far on this and some of the bad analysis from MSM reports on this has been driving me crazy.

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What a lying piece of garbage this Nelson character is. The Proud Boys founder Gavin McGinnis has said from the very beginning that they are a gang that will murder people and had used code phrases like "western chauvinism" as a dog whistle for their white supremacy. I've been following the goings on of this group via progressive Youtube channels since the very beginning. So Nelson can go fuck off with his Southern revisionist BS.

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So Nelson thinks BLM were the insurrectionists? Dressed in “white face” I presume, storming the Capitol to target persons in our government who are fighting to keep democracy, protect and enhance our rights as African Americans so we are treated with the dignity, respect and provided the opportunities we deserve? Wow, what a mess!

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Superb segment once again Michelangelo. It is so eye-opening that these delusional dangerous men call your show and moronically try to railroad you into letting them spew their misinformation. But it illustrates the deep divisions in America today. These organizations like the Proud Boys are really the new KKK, with new group names for public relations and recruiting because the KKK is forever tarnished. The trouble is that the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers and the others are every bit as toxic and dangerous and a real threat to the future of democracy. Again, thank you Michelangelo for all you do, it is so comforting to hear you stand up to people like Nelson.

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i know it is probably kind of simple and small of me but i really love it when you publish these bits of conversations in your newsletter to listen to. You are calm and masterful and you don't back down, you do an excellent job facing this ignorance and responding to it and curtailing it and it's very satisfying to hear this. Not only that, it teaches others how to handle conversations like this that may come up, often with members of their own family as it unfortunately does for me. Thanks Michelangelo I appreciate all that you do, for so many years now. All my best,

Don Baird

san francisco

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First off, I think we need to sanitize the names of these “groupers” [think stinky fish-Bacala cooking on a Sunday for endless hours to soften the salt cod to make it semi-palatable]

to effectively reduce the threatening nature of their primordial existence.

Let’s start with "The OATkeepers"….just look at these overblown carb loaded “MastoDONs” [contemporary versions of prehysterical sycophants worshiping Don as their master] as useless as tits on a bull-horn. Check out the central body double squared dimwit posing as Alec Jones in Spencer Hsu’s pic complete with his own bullhorn! I rest my face!

Next, we have "The Proud Toys"…rejects from a Pixar movie gone bad. These ToysRn’tUS bobble heads are exactly what “The Dumbnold” needed as his Bolshevik Binky to foment even more confusion and unrest! I wonder what “Don No Gotti” thinks about Mr. Potato Head being neutered by HASBRO….no more Mister Mister....and twice as unimportant!

What about "Anti-Farts"? A flash in the pants? Or just another name for a farcical faction of flatulent fiction? They praise COVID for eliminating their collective sense of smell and taste as they bend to kiss the ass of Fasscism and it’s [p]resident evil, Ronald McDonald….the original precursor to “THE WHOPPER”---Over 30,000 sold to an anesthetized nation!

Now I lay me down to sleep, I ‘prey’ to Lord [Sith] my soul to Creep....as I summon

"The Boogaloo Boys" to aid in a time of severe social discomfort, as a burr under a saddle comforts a horse on our long Pony Express ride to Hell. As an aside, I would like to emphasize The Pony Express may be back in place of USPS thanks to the corrupt machinations of our current tRUMP installed U.S. Proctological Inspector, Louis DeJoyride! He’s made a total lying ass out of himself exploiting the destruction of the one thing IN the constitution [USPS], by ordering the successful annihilation and removal of over 600 multi-million dollar high speed sorting machines, leading to the question of WHO should be responsible for over One Billion dollars lost in his unnecessary taxpayer funded decision, as he hedge funds his way to XPO Logistics---his competitive delivery system currently vying [in his sick mind] to replace hundreds of thousands of unionized jobs, not to speak of USPS being the most low cost, efficient delivery system on Planet Earth? Can you say 55 cents, not dollars to mail a letter? I-cahn! [poetic license to make a criminal point, IE. corporate Raider of the Lost Arc of moral justice, Carl Icahn.......see rap sheet].

Grazie tante Michelangelo for allowing me to vent, somewhat comedically as you do the Heavy Lift. It is always a pleasure to join you on our never ending “Slay-ride” to Perdition, compliments of the GOPIGS and whatever deadhead they choose to lead them on their indefatigable journey to “NeverNeverland”!

Ciao 4 Now!

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The idea that there was no violence against police or property at BLM protests is nonsense. There is a lot of video evidence of this.

There is logical fallacy that in any conflict once side is evil and and the other side virtuous. This is simply not true. I don't know to what degree the Proud Boys are white supremacists, but it is plain as day that the people who attacked the Capitol were violent conspiracy theorists who accepted the Big Lie of "election fraud" and should be criminally prosecuted. But the same goes for anyone in the protests last year who attacked police, committed arson or looted. I am not going to take the hypocritical attitude that once side is bad and the other gets a pass.

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