Feb 26, 2021 • 7M

Caller says we need to stop this "'white supremacist' nonsense"

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Nelson from South Carolina says calling the Proud Boys white supremacist is “one of the dumbest statements on earth”

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As we discussed the January 6th insurrection in recent days on my SiriusXM program, Nelson called in from South Carolina to say that describing the Proud Boys as white supremacist is “one of the dumbest statements on earth” and then, when pressed for an answer, said he “kind of” likes the Proud Boys.

But never once did he explain how they were not racist as I went through some of their beliefs and involvements.

Actually, Nelson didn’t really mount much of a defense of anything — he shifted to trying to ask me questions — and I had to call him on the carpet (or rather, call him a “lying piece of shit.”).

Some of these people think they can just call the show to hijack discussion and yet they have no facts, so they’re not very effective.

When I told Nelson the ideology of the groups like Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and other far-right extremist groups behind the January 6th attack, he attempted to shift to Black Lives Matter and Antifa. I think he was trying to claim they really were behind the January 6th insurrection — which we’ve heard from other conspiracy theorists on the right — but I didn’t let him go there. Nelson claimed not to even know what QAnon is, even though the Proud Boys organized with QAnon personalities for the January 6th attack.

Nelson was a white supremacist, I’m sure, and the only arguments that people like Nelson have now is whataboutism — and it never adds up. He eventually tried to go to what I call Charlottesville trutherism — recreating the facts of Charlottesville. That’s when I had to let him go.

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