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I agree with AdrianB. Mary Trump’s book confirms what most of us knew for a long time. I knew he was a scammer when he filed for bankruptcy with his NJ casino years ago.

How could anyone believe a man who lacks the speaking capabilities of a toddler graduate on his own merit from Wharton? How could vets support a man who weaseled his way out of the military with an “ailment” that female ballet dancers are able to manage through their careers? Why expect him to care about Americans dying when he didn’t even care about his own brother dying?

The man has been mentally unstable his entire life and failed at everything he has ever done. So while he has been inflicting his failures on his own country, the GOP has been letting Tantrum Trump run around while they do the real destruction of the country behind the scenes. Trump is the flamboyant distraction while the crooks are building their kingdoms.

I think we all need to focus a little less on the shiny orange puppet with the comb-over and pay more attention to getting rid of the puppet masters.

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These "anti mask" people are willing to be caught foolish on camera acting like imbeciles towards people who encourage taking these precautions for safety purposes. It's really sad if you think about it. Masks have been used for decades, but it seems that Facebook memes have replaced actual data for these types of people. A label on a box of masks might say it cannot guarantee protection against viruses, but as someone who works in the legal field, I assure you that type of statement is made purely for liability purposes. We have data that shows the use of masks can help significantly reduce the spread of Covid and other viruses, hence why they have been used, and will be continue to be used, in doctors offices. They've already been normalized in other countries for large gatherings. Yet, if we encourage or mandate people to wear masks, we're somehow stealing their "second amendment rights."

The entire debate is crazy to me and it saddens me our Nation's "leadership" promotes this silly rebellious attitude with total disregard for the general safety and welfare of the country.

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The book really just confirms what we had already determined, the book simply gives us extra evidence and insight of tRump’s serious early mental state. It will probably make no difference to his “base”, it may, hopefully , persuade some of his “embarrassed” 2016 voters to not vote in November. Winning the presidency for tRump was like giving steroids to a narcissistic bodybuilder.

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