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Great interview Michelangelo!

I voted for her in the primary and have so much respect for her. It was a treat when you announced her as a guest last week.

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That was a great interview. I was so heartened by her comments about how President Biden is incorporating the plans and programs she put forward during her primary run. Those plans and her deep understanding of how the process works are why I supported her candidacy. I shed tears when she talked about her late brother. Senator Warren is just so smart and relatable.

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Buon giorno Commendatore!

What a National Treasure she is! Imagine if politics wasn't reduced to the primordial Kabuki theater it has become? Where a true democratic academician was allowed to sow the fruits of his/her intellect and experience, without partisan obstruction, for all to enjoy! The same for her "Honest Abe" clone partner-in-chief, Senator Bernard Sanders and every other leader that represents the values of true, hard working, honest Americans awaiting salvation!

Now if the 2 or 3 remaining members of the OG GOP could convince the rest of their fascist base to acquiesce to reality and not "The tRumpman Show", we'd be golden.

Unfortunately for us, we know the value of 24K 99.9% fine gold, yet the "elephant in the room" has deceived his flock with his "fool's gold" crock of BS that tips the scales of justice and the arc of morality toward the absurd and away from the the rationally divine democratic herd.

It's the one vaccine they haven't created to end the virus formerly known as King Cyrus! As such, we are victims of his "heard immunity".......AKA, terrorist tinnitus from the fake King Midas; a fate worse than death only cured by ice picks or Mike Tyson! Lol.

Thank you for inviting me to participate! It's always my pleasure to serve a noble cause!


Boom Boom

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