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Elizabeth Warren discusses the filibuster, Facebook, the global pandemic and more

Elizabeth Warren discusses the filibuster, Facebook, the global pandemic and more

In an interview, the senator both praised and pushed Joe Biden, slammed the GOP, and pressured Democrats to move in this moment

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Senator Elizabeth Warren, a champion for progressives and women who led the blue wave and the opposition to Donald Trump, is both celebrating the embrace of many of her ideas and detailed plans, and pressuring for more.

And that is the essence of her new book, Persist.

She spoke with me in a wide-ranging interview on my SiriusXM show last week, and we discussed how, as a presidential candidate, she moved the Democratic Party on key issues. Many of those have been embraced by President Joe Biden, who continues to respond to her ideas — like coming out for loosening patents on Covid vaccines to get access to many countries the rest of the world —and who called her early on to access her detailed plans on many issues.

At the same time, she made sure to keep up the pressure, even in our interview, stopping me for a minute so that she could send a message to the president about doing what he can to lower the exorbitant price of prescription drugs in this country.

We discussed Facebook’s continued ban on Donald Trump using the platform, but also the deep reform that needs to happen regarding social media companies, monopolies she’s called for breaking up.

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Warren also spoke about her brother’s death from Covid, and how it impacted her family, something she goes into detail about in her very personal memoir. The book looks back on her past and the issues that shaped how she leads today — such as being “A Planner,” which is an entire chapter in her book.

We also spoke about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s vow to focus “100%” on stopping the Biden administration, and what Democrats need to do now.

Take a listen and let us know your thoughts.