I’m concerned with travelers from high-risk states driving into NY/NJ/CT and creating a resurgence in our tri-state area. How can those people be checked? It’s clear that many Americans only care about themselves and don’t realize or care that their actions affect others so I have little faith that all of those travelers will self-quarantine as requested.

And every time the “President” and his cronies make an appearance without a mask and flaunt how they have not contracted the virus, it just adds to the warped perception of the virus being a hoax.

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Michaelangelo you mentioned feeling somewhat guilty - you have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.

After a few initial missteps, New York, under Cuomo's commendable guidance, worked hard to get where y'all are now. The rest of the country, particularly these red states who looked down their covidiot noses at NY and CA, ought to be following NY's lead. Here in Indiana, the rushed, too soon too quick "reopening" was a hot mess of a shit show, and now we're seeing some of the same spikes and resurgences that are happening in other parts of the country. It's so bad in parts of the state that Marion county (Indianapolis) has gone to a mandatory mask policy, while Pence's puppet, Holcomb, has shifted to a pro-mask stance but still refuses to call for a statewide mask mandate.

It's horrific what's happening in the rest of the country, but they were warned and their elected officials didn't listen. Out of ignorance, anti-science bias, and allegiance to a maniac with blood on his hands, they sided with the virus. And now the citizens of those states are suffering. Let's hope they have the sense to vote the bastards out.

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Good for you going out, and using precautions. My pregnant wife is weary of going out, even using precautions and I respect that of course. Trying to go out with some friends but part of me is worried if I go out to eat outside I might bring something back. I really want to socialize again but have mixed feelings. It’s such a confusing and scary time, the simple act of going out to eat can be dangerous. I’m keeping tabs of the restaurants nearby that people are comfortable with in certain FB restaurant groups I’m a part of to give me a better sense of where to go.

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