If Trump and the Trumpanzes truly believe COVID19 is not real or real enough for stay-at-home orders, maybe they should question why all White House tours are cancelled because of the pandemic. Talk about "do as I say, not as I do" in action.

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By the time I finish, I will agree with you. But, before that...

Norway and Sweden are two nearly identical countries, genetically and culturally. They are side by side and share a border the length of the country.

I live and work in Norway (ten years, now)

Norway shut down: it could, as it had oil money reserves.

Sweden did not shut down. Sweden could not, as it makes its money in manufacturing. Second, the chief epidemiologist thought it better for young people to expose themselves and build immunity.

The result as of today?

Norway, with 5 million people, appears (at this time) to be maxing out with 12,000 cases.

Sweden, with 10 million people, will max out with 15,000 cases, perhaps 20.


Norway: 156.

Sweden: 2000

A difference; and now the death rate is stabilizing and ventilators are now available. So now, the context.

I now have two friends in Sweden (Two Swedish, male profs.; I live in neighbor Norway) who had it -- both out of the hospital in four days.

Both confirm that the overwhelming majority dead are the old and infirm (and, sadly, men). And many before the respirators.

They have a generation of young people acclimated to social distancing, and hope of some immunity (time will tell), and an economy that is not in shambles. Most important -- they have a generation of kids that did not isolate and have not grown depressed (this is extremely important). The country is running.

Covid is a single strand, and it will mutate. If it becomes more deadly, we die and it dies. So it will likely mutate to a cold virus.

And summer is coming. While some feel the heat may not kill it, it is likely the humidity may.

That said: it is wise to understand where people like Jason come from. Sure, from ignorance, from hate, we got that. But more. Americans have been spoon fed movies from Hollywood where science and government is the enemy. And the main perpetrator is Steven Spielberg, who took this to an art (E.T. Close Encounters, Minority Report, Raiders, Jaws, A.I.). Is Jason any wonder?

So, I think rather than blast Jason, it might be more productive to see where he comes from (and, by that: set down the sword and shield and overlook the ostensibly racism, homophobia, etc.)

All that said, there is one issue that does perplex, and it revolves around a gender stereotype.

I find it fascinating that women, who flourish in social contact, prefer the lock down rules, while men, who tend to prefer isolation, want them stopped. It is also fascinating, that, right now, in Poland, the feminists are violating the stay at home rules.

Fascinating times.

But you handled Jason well -- we all know where he comes from.

And I am no so sure the US could handle the kind of patience the Swedes have.

That's all.

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Looks like the mask of corporate greed has slip and has finally revealed its true intentions. Just like the in gilded age, they treat workers as disposable. I swear once the Biden administration comes into office next year, they need to tax the obscenely wealthy big time!

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You should have asked him what flavor they served him.

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People like Jason should try to get along without the economies and significant tax contributions of states like NY and CA who are doing the right thing and have appropriate PLANS for reopening their states.

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I work in a call center and just spoke with a customer in Oregon who decided to bring up the virus and said there were only 15 cases of the virus there and he didn't see why it was necessary to have all these quarantines. I politely told him there are thousands of cases in my area and thousands have died. A little reality check to start his day.

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Jason suffers from"HEARD IMMUNITY"......he just didn't listen!

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