Apr 22, 2020 • 5M

Jason calls in: "Choose freedom" even if it means "death"...

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Jason from Georgia calls in….

On Monday, Jason from Georgia called in to my SiriusXM show saying it was time to lift stay-at-home restrictions amid the coronavirus crisis — and his reckless governor has decided to do just that, as rates of infection in the state rise — even if it means people will die: “Open it back up and let people decide — eventually people are going to choose freedom.”

We got into it. I know, I got a bit snappy with him — I’d just about had it with these arguments as people are dying. And the logic of these individuals, whether their demeanors are friendly and cheerful or not, is vile and offensive.

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His call was followed up by that of Zack in New York, who supported him. I’ll send that one out later!

UPDATE: Here’s the call from Zack in New York.