The M-Rat, just another fat wallet greatly narcissistic thin skinned, feels entitled, whiner, who CHOOSES to amplify the worst possible tendencies of human nature. One would think more important things to do than babysitting Twitter to decide who is banned next for hurting his fee fees. Ya, “bigly” free speech promoter. Just more UNbelievable in the 21st Century. Latest lower low, there is no bottom, the shameless scam hawking of “digital” baseball cards, grand ludicrous caricatures of a former P. of likely the greatest nation on earth. The rest of the world is torn between laughing at us and simultaneously sobbing in sadness. “Oh USA, what has happened to thee??” Meanness and cruelty is now the GQP point. But still, there are more of us than them. “Us” just gotta stay motivated and turn out in every way, every level, push back. Supreme C. excluded, we’ve had some decent successes since 2018.

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Another wealthy, narcissist hypocrite.

I hope he fucks up Twitter so bad he goes broke......

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This is a good interview. I have to say I like Mastodon more and more. I like that you can follow hashtags there, and I have met and interacted with many diverse people on a variety of topics from football to books to art. In fact I read zero of your posts on the Fowl Site now and follow you exclusively on Mastodon. I think it won’t be long until I delete Twitter. I don’t engage at all there anymore. It would be no different than being on Truth Social or Parler. Just not going to give eyeballs, likes or comments so deleting my account is in the future.

Anyway wanted to tell you either I have been hacked or you may have been. I tried to get on Signorile.com today to do the survey but I could not, kept getting taken to this other site where my Apple security was freaking out “unsafe site!” So not sure if it’s on my end or yours but thought I would mention.

Cheers, C

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